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Tiffany jewelry in the United States

Tiffany jewelry in the United States (Picture 1)

Charles Lewis Tiffany, the son of a miller in Connecticut, America, came to Broadway, New York, in 1837 to set up an obscure small shop that ran stationery and fabric and turned to jewelery. Can not think of the ugly duckling grow into a white swan, simple small store after several changes, and finally became the United States premier luxury jewelry store-Tiffany jewelery company, its strength comparable to the European jewelery dynasty, fame over Paris brand Cartier.

Open Tiffany's history, will find that at any key moment in history, Tiffany has its outstanding performance. September 1837, "Tiffany" store was created. All the products in this store are priced at the price tag, and the customer is not allowed to discuss the discount, which was regarded as a new distribution method at that time. In 1851, Tiffany launched a beautifully designed silverware, causing widespread concern. Since then, it pioneered the use of 925 silver, which later became the standard for U.S. silverware.

In 1861, Tiffany was invited to design a commemorative jug for the inauguration of President Lincoln, Lincoln then gave his wife a pearl jewelry is Tiffany products. After Lincoln set a precedent, other U.S. presidents and foreign heads of state competed to emulate. During the American Civil War, Tiffany provided the northern army with swords, flags and surgical instruments, and subsequently made swords with embedded gems for General Grant and General Sherman.

In 1877, Tiffany's diamond was collected from the Gambari ore field in South Africa. It is the largest and the most perfect yellow diamond in the world. After Charles Lewis Tiffany purchased the 287-carat diamond for 18,000 U.S. dollars in 1878, Tiffany's tradition of cutting diamonds must rely on clever cutting process to show the light, not to maintain the size of the diamond, the yellow diamond was finally cut into 90 faceted diamonds, weighing 128 carats, as if from a mass of combustion from the inside out The flame, dazzling. In the same year, the Statue of Liberty arrived in New York, Tiffany specially designed invitations to commemorate the opening of the opening ceremony of President Cleveland.

In 1886, the famous Tiffany six-claw diamond mosaic method available, immediately became an engagement diamond ring inlaid international standards. This six-claw mosaic law diamond inlaid ring ring, as much as possible to support the diamond up, let the light refraction in all directions, so that diamonds brilliant dazzling brilliance. By the end of the nineteenth century, Tiffany's strength has been comparable with the European jewelers, its customers include the European royal family and the rich, the founder of Charles Tiffany was the United States media called "King of Diamonds."

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Tiffany had attracted 23 royal families at that time. Including the Queen Victoria of England, the Russian Tsar, the King of Persia, the Egyptian President, the King of Brazil, and the emperors of Italy, Denmark, Belgium and Greece. Over the years, designing different items for all the heads of state in the world has also become one of Tiffany's most proud experiences.

During World War II, Tiffany headquarters moved to the famous boutiques gathered in New York Fifth Avenue. After the war, the brand ushered in another golden period of development. Adapted from the novels of Truman Capote in 1961, "Tiffany's Breakfast" starring Audrey Hepburn swept the globe and became a classic in American cinema, and Tiffany's presence in the film made the world The noble style of famous jewelry shops spread all over the world.

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