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Chinese Herborist Cosmetics

Chinese Herborist Cosmetics (Picture 1)

Herborist was born in 1998. It inherits the Chinese herbal medicine culture of Chinese medicine. It takes the "balance of the way" as the essence, blends the wisdom of ancient and modern, and creates the beauty of skin roots. In 2008, Herborist opened the overseas mainstream skin care market through EU certification, and always committed to the delivery of the Oriental Beauty International. Herborist brand belongs to Shanghai Herborist Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Shanghai Herborist Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Jahwa United Co., Ltd.

The Chinese herbal medicine culture is profound and profound, and one of them is a unique herbal beauty culture. For thousands of years, Chinese women have been using it for beauty and skin care. The founder of Herborist hopes to create a brand that can transfer the essence of the millennium to the world. Therefore, the Herborist researchers visited the Shennongjia, a herbal sanctuary, and devoted themselves to the study of herbal resources; while studying in Europe and America, they learned cutting-edge skin care technology and production techniques. In 1998, this brand came into being - Shennong tasted the grass and gathered Chinese and Western wisdom, named: Herborist.

Respecting the beauty of Chinese beauty, inheriting the Chinese herbal medicine culture of the millennium Chinese medicine, Herborist is the essence of the "balance of the road", the essence of herbal extracts, blending ancient and modern wisdom, raising the internal and external, balancing the skin and mind and body, creating the beauty of skin roots. Herborist uses modern technology to perform modern interpretations of ancient Chinese herbal medicines, opening up a new style of oriental beauty skin. Herborist has strong scientific research strength and maintains long-term strategic cooperation with advanced scientific research institutions at home and abroad. Herborist has a global research and development, with advanced modern technology to revitalize the effects of the ancient millennium, to create a product suitable for a variety of skin use for the beauty of the world.

There are more than 1,500 stores and counters in Herborist. As early as 2008, Herborist has passed the strict EU certification and successfully entered the flagship store in France, and then expanded to the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany and other countries. In 2015, the first overseas flagship store of Herborist was unveiled in the core business district of Paris. In the future, Herborist will continue to work to deliver the Chinese millennium herbal beauty culture to the world, let the oriental beauty shine in the world!

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