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Simmons mattress

Simmons mattress (Picture 1)

Simmons has introduced a number of well-known mattresses, including the classic Sweet Dreams standalone pocket spring mattresses, BackCare®, Beautyrest Black® and more. Simmons consistently adheres to the brand philosophy of "building a better sleep with scientific ideas" and constantly develops high-quality mattresses to promote effective and good healthy sleep habits so as to help customers get better sleep.

In 1876, the United States Mr. Simmons and nine skilled artisans, the use of spring force and reaction principle, the use of 14 springs to create the world's first spring mattress, since the rewrite the history of the mattress, and change the human Sleep habits, but also opened a brilliant legend of Simmons, lying in the bed of Simmons, a better sleep, began to trail the world in historical stories and literary masterpiece, the Zalmon Gilbert Simmons was later known as Mr. Simmons.

With the patented spring-bed technology and manufacturing technology, Simmons in 1890 to become the world's largest spring bed manufacturer. In 1925, the chief engineer of Simmons II invented a machine capable of mass-producing individual bobbins, a move that changed the manufacturing history of the spring-loaded bed. In order to highlight its features, Simmons called Beautyrest ™ (Sleeping Beauty Series), which is different from the general spring mattress is easy to oppress the body, leaving the waist hanging, so that the deformation of the spine and other shortcomings beautyrest ™ mattress can be perfect obedient body Curve, so that all parts of the body are properly supported, not only to prevent bending deformation of the spine, even when sleeping with others, it will not interfere with each other due to stand up.

Everyone's good reviews so waves coming, we all praise Simmons bed well, a series of celebrities, including the car king Henry Ford, inventors Edison, playwright Bernard Shaw, have appeared as Simmons endorsement, Simmons also started to the world The royalty-making mattresses from all over the country, from the President of the United States to the British royal family and even to the Empress Dowager Cixi in China, slept on the mattresses of Simmons, were only those honorable men who could afford Simmons, which also made Simmons their identity and Symbol of status.

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