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Baseball player Suzuki Ichiro

Baseball player Suzuki Ichiro (Picture 1)

Baseball player Suzuki Ichiro, born in 1973, is a member of the NBA Major League Seattle Mariners. In 1991, he was selected by Orix Blue Wave in the fourth name. In 1994, he was registered in the army with the katakana (Ichiro). In that year, he set up a maximum of 210 hits in the Japanese professional baseball season and created the Pacific League's highest rate of 35%. After that, he set a Japanese record of hitting the king for seven consecutive years. For the only player who hit a hit in eight consecutive games, he was selected to the All-Star team outfielder after the game.

In the second year of high school, the Orix Blue Wave team scouting three rounds of victory has begun to notice Suzuki Ichiro. In 1992, he officially joined the Orix Blue Wave team. In that year, he hit the .366 attack rate and became the second army to fight the king since Gaomu. Newcomer, December 22, 1993, Orix new supervisor Yang Mubin vigorously promoted Suzuki Ichiro, Yilang registered under the name of "Ichiro", the next year on April 16 rose to a stick responsible for the opening of the road; June 1, the strike rate. 378 reached the top of the Pacific Alliance strike list. In 1994, Suzuki Ichiro won the MVP, the King of Fighters, the King of Beatles, the Best Nine, and the Golden Gloves, and the Toyama-cho Honorary Award was presented. In the past, a "one whirlwind" was formed in Japanese society.

In Japan, he won the title of outstanding hitter for seven consecutive years. He won the "Most Valuable Player Award" for three times. He helped the Orix team win the 98th Japan United Championship title. In 2001, Suzuki Ichiro entered the Major League Baseball with a transfer fee of 28 million US dollars and joined the Seattle Mariners. In the same year, he won the league's best rookie, most valuable player and all-star selection with excellent performance regardless of offense and defense. line-up.

In 2004, Suzuki Ichiro broke Georges Sysler's 257 hits with 262 hits to maintain a record of 84 years. On September 17, 2006, he played the 200th hit in this season and maintained his 200 consecutive hits for six consecutive years. He became the second person in the history of Major League Baseball. Suzuki Ichiro's high-altitude rate makes his opponent very jealous, and he often deliberately sent him to the base.

In addition, Suzuki Ichiro's defense is also excellent, and the right-hander is not only judged, fast, kills the ball or intercepts the earth. It is both accurate and stable, and the pass to the infield is also very good. They all won the Golden Gloves Award and were selected to the All-Star team every season. On July 30, 2007, in a game between Seattle sailors and Oakland sportsmen, Suzuki Ichiro became the third player in the league to hit 1,500 hits. He achieved this milestone in just 1060 games, surpassing the 1070 games of Thai Cobb.

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