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F1 driver Michael Schumacher

F1 driver Michael Schumacher (Picture 1)

Michael Schumacher, born on January 3, 1969 in Schulte, a German Formula 1 driver, one of the greatest F1 drivers in modern times, has almost set a new record in his first 16 years of career. He won 7 championships in total and was the only German driver to win the championship (later refreshed by German driver Sebastian Vettel in 2010). In 2006, Michael Schumacher announced his retirement. In early 2010, Schumacher officially announced his return, joining the former Mercedes team of the Brown team. On October 4, 2012, Schumacher announced his retirement at Suzuka.

Michael Schumacher's father was a bricklayer and the head of a kart yard. This condition gave him the opportunity to engage in kart sports since he was a child. The mother runs a fast food restaurant around the karting track. Under the influence of her parents and the environment, Schumacher loves racing since she was a child. She won her home karting championship at the age of 6. Although the family's economic conditions were not very rich, Schumacher's father still obtained enough sponsorship for him, which made Schumacher show his talent very early.

In 1987, Michael Schumacher participated in the karting competition and won the championship. He began his professional racing career. His outstanding performance made him appreciated by the Mercedes-Benz car factory, and he participated in the F3 and RV events. In 1997, Schumacher won the championships in Monaco, France, Canada, Belgium and Japan, and entered the final stop of Jerez, Spain, with the advantage of leading Williams driver Villeneuve. the match of. The game was once again controversial, and the two cars hit together. Villeneuve continued to win the championship and Schumacher was cancelled by the FIA.

In the 2000 season, Irvine joined the Jaguar team and Schumacher began to partner with Barrichello. This season has become the most brilliant season in Schumacher's racing career. Although some of the mistakes in the middle of the season made Schumacher's advantage over the McLaren driver greatly reduced, Schumacher's determination to win the championship did not waver. After the penultimate stop at the Suzuka Station in Japan, Schumacher won his third world championship and won the first annual driver's championship for the Ferrari team in 21 years. After the final race in Malaysia, he also won the annual team championship for the Ferrari team. In the same year, the Ferrari team won the first driver's championship in 21 years, and also won the team championship.

In 2001, Ferrari and Schumacher dominated the race from the first stop in Australia to the last stop in Japan. In the 17 races, Schumacher broke countless records and won his fourth world championship ahead of the penultimate race in Hungary. He is now the record holder to win the Grand Prix, surpassing Alan Prost's 51-time championship and Juan Manuel Fangio's five world championships.

In 2003, it was not ideal in the first few stations, but with the launch of F2003-GA, Schumacher once again proved that he is the current car god, and he won the driver's championship for the sixth time. In the 2003 season, Schumacher and Räikkönen and Montoya competed for the title, the American Grand Prix made another world champion into the bag of Schumacher, and the title of the champion won by the German car king also increased. It’s six. In the 2004 season, Michael Schumacher once again dominated the Formula 1 field. In the first 13 games, he won 12 of them, and in the second last Grand Prix of the season - the Japanese Grand Prix, he won the championship again. In 2004, he won 13 games.

On December 29, 2013, Schumacher had an accident while skiing in the French Alps. His head hit the rock and was seriously injured. As of December 30, 2016, Schumacher returned home for treatment, with a weekly treatment cost of £115,000, or about $1 million. In the past three years, the total cost of medical expenses has been as high as 14 million pounds. Although all indications indicate that the possibility of Schumacher's awakening is not optimistic, his wife Corinna Schumacher never intended to give up. In December 2018, after five years of skiing accidents, Schumacher was awakened from a coma. There are still difficulties in language communication, but the situation has changed a lot, and there is no need to sustain life through intubation.

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