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Baidu founder Robin Li

Baidu founder Robin Li (Picture 1)


Robin Li, male, Han nationality, non-partisan, born in November 1968, Yangquan, Shanxi, is currently the founder, chairman and CEO of Baidu. On January 19, 2018, Robin Li became the cover character of the current Asian edition of "Time". On April 28, 2018, in order to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the founding of Peking University, Robin Li and his wife, Dr. Ma Dongmin, announced the donation of 660 million yuan to Peking University and jointly established the "Peking University Baidu Fund", which is mainly used to support Beijing University's leading disciplines and labor Research and exploration in the field of intelligent crossover. On December 18, 2018, the Party Central Committee and the State Council awarded Robin Li the Pioneer of Reform and awarded the Reform Pioneer Medal.

In 1968, Robin Li was born into an ordinary family in Yangquan, Shanxi. Obsessed with opera when he was young, he was admitted to Shanxi Yangquan Opera Troupe. But in middle school, Robin Li returned to "main business" and devoted himself to his homework. In 1987, Robin Li was admitted to Peking University's Library and Information Science (ie Information Management) with the first place in Yangquan. Since his junior year, Robin Li has set his goal of studying in the United States, with a focus on computer science. In 1991, Robin Li received an acceptance letter from the Department of Computer Science at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

After a year at school, Robin Li successfully entered Panasonic internship in Japan. "The three-month internship played a crucial role in choosing my career path later," said Robin Li. Before the summer of 1994, Robin Li received a letter of offer from the Wall Street Jones subsidiary. For three and a half years on Wall Street, Robin Li has served as a senior consultant for the Dow Jones subsidiary and designer of the Wall Street Journal's online real-time financial information system. In 1997, Robin Li left Wall Street for Infoseek, a well-known search engine company in Silicon Valley.

In 1999, Robin Li believed that China's Internet environment had matured and set out to return to China. In January 2000, Robin Li used the "hyperchain analysis" patent as the technical basis and took the first venture investment of 1.2 million US dollars. He rented two rooms at Peking University Resources Hotel with his friend Mr. Xu Yong Co-founded Baidu. Nine months later, venture capital firm Defengjie and IDG invested another $ 10 million in Baidu. In 2001, Robin Li persuaded shareholders on Baidu's board of directors to transform Baidu into an independent search engine website for end users, and implemented the "Lightning Plan" to implement technical upgrades to Baidu, making Baidu the second largest independent search engine in the world. , Ranked first in the Chinese search engine.

In August 2005, Baidu successfully listed on the NASDAQ in the United States, becoming one of the most watched listed companies in the global capital market. In 2009, Robin Li proposed the concept of frame computing technology, and successively launched "data open platform" and "application open platform" to build a new Internet industry ecology. In 2013, Robin Li built the first deep learning research institute in China on Baidu, and became the first entrepreneur in China and even the world to advance research on advanced technologies in artificial intelligence. In 2015, Robin Li proposed to establish a "Chinese brain" plan at the national level, taking artificial intelligence as the core to seize the commanding heights of a new round of technological revolution. In 2017, Baidu led the establishment of the National Engineering Laboratory for Deep Learning Technology and Application. On January 19, 2018, Robin Li appeared on the cover of the first issue of Time Magazine in 2018, and was dubbed the "Innovator". He became the first Chinese Internet entrepreneur to be featured on the cover of the magazine and was awarded "It is helping China win in the 21st century."

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