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Mrs. Melinda Gates

Mrs. Melinda Gates (Picture 1)


Melinda Gates, born August 15, 1964, graduated from the Department of Computer Science at Duke University in the United States, received an MBA degree, and then entered the Microsoft company, and achieved remarkable results, as a management staff. Before marrying Bill Gates, Melinda has made a remarkable performance at Microsoft. She is the head of a department, with more than 100 employees. After marrying Gates, Melinda started his full-time wife. Melinda had a very warm home and built a family library. Melinda and Gates set up the largest foundation in the United States, the Gates Foundation, and served as chairman.

In 1987, Melinda was 22 years old, she came to Seattle, where he served as a marketing manager. As the youngest employee, the only female MBA, then she did not know what the future would be, and did not know what Microsoft meant to her. Everywhere are smart people, they are changing the world. However, she was not used to the corporate culture there, and she felt their sarcastic, she thought, maybe soon she would leave there. Living in the occasional moment with a turn for the better. Four months later, the first time she traveled to New York, she was sitting next to CEO Bill Gates. Melinda is not beautiful, but recalled the first meeting, Bill always said that her looks attracted him. "Dear, if you win the time, then I win the money", January 1, 1994, in Willie Nelson's song, Bill and Melinda held a wedding. That day, the guests had six billionaires, and the groom had all the cars, helicopters and 520 hotel rooms in La Naiya, Hawaii. After marriage, Melinda gave birth to three children. After the birth of the eldest daughter in 1996, she was a full-time wife, carefully take care of the children. As Microsoft CEO Ballmer believes, "she will make Bill run faster, otherwise, Bill will not marry her."

Forbes released 2012 the world's most powerful 15 pairs of couples, Microsoft founder, technology tycoon Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates list, ranked third, behind Hillary and Bill Clinton couple. As the world's richest man, Gates's assets are about $ 46 billion, but the Gates and his wife have always said that most of the property will be donated out. The main channel for Gates'donation is through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Now the foundation of the total assets of up to 28.8 billion US dollars, is the world's largest charitable foundation. As one of the founders of the Foundation, Melinda gave birth to his first child in 1996 and then resigned as a full-time wife, and actively committed to the foundation of the charity work. Gates said in a visit, if there is no Melinda, it is likely that there is no foundation. In fact, Gates every day in the pile of wealth, and his wife accompanied him is wondering how to spend the money. Although she is fully able to enjoy the world's most abundant material life, but Melinda is different from the general lady. Melinda is not keen on shopping and dress, her style of action is quite commercial woman strong style, her charity foundation management is very efficient, clear and have a sense of responsibility.

In the foundation of asset investment, Melinda also played a huge role. Whenever she and Gates choose a new donation direction and donation site, they will ask two questions: what issues affect the most people? What did we ignore in the past? Although many philanthropists also use the same way, but the ladies are more stringent. "We will look at all the unfairness and try to make the biggest change through donations." So, although the Gates Foundation does not donate to the American Cancer Society, but in order to cure those who lead to more deaths Of the diseases, including AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, donated billions of dollars. In general, Gates is more focused on vaccine research and scientific solutions that may be effective in the future, and Melinda is more concerned with immediate help patients to relieve pain.

In 1993, the first African tour of the Gates couple had an important impact on their later charity. In Zaire, they saw barefooted women having to head the water tank and embrace the children a few miles to the market. In Kenya, they were invited to participate in a ceremonial ceremony of the Marseille. In Africa, they also saw countless hungry skinny children on the road. All this makes Meilinda and Gates upset. Subsequently, they got the year's "World Development Report", which made them shocked. "Children in Africa will die from diarrhea and other very common diseases, and simply vaccination will be able to avoid these tragedies, and we realize that we have to know more about this, and we know that The more we think we can not wait." Melinda pays money and enthusiasm for medical and poverty problems in Africa, but she does not think that it will be able to solve these problems alone. "In contrast to the problem, our efforts are just a drop in the ocean."

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