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Confucius, a famous Chinese thinker

Confucius, a famous Chinese thinker

Confucius (September 28, 551 BC - April 11, 479 BC), Lu people (now China Qufu, Shandong), China's famous thinkers, big educators. Confucius created a private lecture style, he is the founder of the Confucian school. Confucius had led some of the disciples travel around the country for fourteen years, the late revision of six classics, namely, "poetry" "book" "ceremony" "music" "easy" "Spring and Autumn." According to legend, he has three thousand disciples, of which seventy-two sage. After the death of Confucius, his disciples and their disciples to Confucius and his disciples of words and deeds and thoughts recorded, compiled into the Confucian classics "The Analects of Confucius." Confucius was one of the most knowledgeable people in society at that time, and was revered by the later rulers. Confucius'Confucianism has a far-reaching impact on China and the world, and Confucius is listed as the "Top Ten Cultural Celebrities in the World". Confucius was revered as an ancestor of Confucianism.

Confucius constructs the complete "moral and moral" thought system: at the individual level advocates "benevolence, ritual" virtue and virtue. The moral system of thought is based on the theory of goodness. Confucius's Ren said, embodies the humanitarian spirit, Confucius's ritual, it embodies the spirit of ritual, that is, the modern sense of the order and system. Humanism This is the eternal theme of mankind, for any society, any time, any government is applicable, and order and institutional society is the establishment of human civilization, the basic requirements of society. Confucius's spirit of humanism and order is the essence of ancient Chinese social and political thought. Confucius in his later years, the highest ideal called "Datong", in the world of Datong, the world's people, not only their own family for the pro, not only to their parents and children for love, but love each other, love all the people, There is no fraud in the world, no thieves, the world is fair.

The core content of Confucius'political thought is "ritual" and "benevolence." On the strategy of governing the country, he advocated the use of morality and ritual to govern the country is the most noble way of governing the country. This strategy to Germany, the courtesy of the people, strictly the hierarchy. Breaking the aristocracy and the common people between an important line. Confucius'highest political ideal is to establish a "world for the public" of the Datong society. In the world of Datong, the world of people, not only their own family for the pro, not only to their parents and children for love, but love each other, love all the world, the world is not fraud, no thieves, the world is fair and reasonable of.

Confucius in the history of China first proposed the quality of human talent is similar, personality differences are mainly due to the acquired education and social environmental impact. So that everyone may be educated, everyone should be educated. He advocated the creation of private school, a wide range of students, breaking the slave owners aristocratic school education monopoly, the scope of education extended to civilians, conform to the trend of social development. He advocated learning spare time, went to politics. His education aims to cultivate a gentleman in politics, and a gentleman must have a high moral quality of cultivation, so Confucius stressed that school education must be moral education in the first place. Confucius in the teaching method requires the teacher "individualized", "heuristic" methodology, pay attention to Tong Meng, enlightenment education. He educated students to have honest learning attitude, to modesty, often review the knowledge learned, new knowledge extended broadening, in-depth, "one by one." The main contents of Confucius'moral education are "ritual" and "benevolence". "Ceremony" is a moral code, "benevolence" is the highest moral standards.

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