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Crazy scientist Nikola Tesla

Crazy scientist Nikola Tesla (Picture 1)


Nikola Tesla (1856~1943), a Serbian-American inventor, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer. He is considered to be one of the key promoters of commercialization of electricity and is best known for hosting modern AC systems. Based on the electromagnetic field theory discovered by Michael Faraday, Tesla has several revolutionary inventions in the field of electromagnetic fields. His many related patents and theoretical research work in electromagnetics are the cornerstone of modern wireless communications and radio.

On July 10, 1856, Nikola Tesla was born into a Serb family in the village of Smi Bay, Croatia. His parents are Serbs. He is the fourth of five children. This village is located near Gospic, Lika Province, in the Austro-Hungarian Empire (present - day Republic of Croatia). Tesla attended school in Karlovac, Croatia, and studied physics, mathematics and mechanics at the Graz Institute of Technology in Austria in 1875. In 1877, Tesla went to Prague for two years. He went to the university to attend the course while studying in the library. In 1879, he tried to find a job in Maribor but did not succeed. He then returned to Prague to continue his studies until he was 24 years old.

In 1884, Nikola Tesla first set foot on the United States and came to New York to work in the Edison Laboratory. In addition to the letter of recommendation written by former employer Charles Bachero, he has almost nothing. The letter was written to Thomas Edison, who said: "I know there are two great people, one is you, the other is this young man." Edison hired Tesla to arrange him at Edison Machinery. work in company. Tesla began to design a simple electrical appliance for Edison. He made rapid progress and will soon be able to solve some of the company's very difficult problems. Tesla is fully responsible for the redesign of Edison's DC motors.

In 1886 Nikola Tesla established his own company, Tesla Electric and Electrical Manufacturing Company. The company is responsible for the installation of the Tesla-designed arc lighting system and the design of the generator's power system rectifier, which is Tesla's first patent. In 1891 Tesla obtained the patent for the Tesla coil. After winning the famous "Current Battle" in the 1880s and successfully conducting short-wave wireless communication experiments in 1894, Tesla was considered one of the greatest electrical engineers in the United States at the time. Many of his discoveries are considered to be groundbreaking and a pioneer in electrical engineering. In 1891, after successfully testing the transmission of electricity to the target appliance in the form of wireless energy transmission, Tesla was committed to the commercial intercontinental power wireless transmission, and built Woden Clifford as an idea.

In the late 1880s, Edison promoted the use of direct current to provide electricity distribution Bitsla and Westinghouse promoted the exchange of electricity, more effective, so Tesla and Edison became competitors to a certain extent. Until Tesla invented the asynchronous motor, the advantages of AC long-distance high-voltage transmission were also manifested, and the problem that the machine could not use AC power was also solved. Due to the "current war", Tesla and Westinghouse were almost bankrupt, so in 1897, Tesla eased the crisis with her own patent fee for Westinghouse.

Nikola Tesla only slept for 2 hours a day and eventually obtained more than 700 invention patents. In order to dedicate himself to scientific research, life is not awkward. In addition to being a scientist, he is also a poet, philosopher, music connoisseur, linguist. The invention of Tesla's life witnessed his unselfish contribution to society. Although he devoted his life to continuous research and obtained about 1,000 patent inventions. However, he was destitute in his later years and he was financially strapped for many years. Although many entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the love and talent of this talented scientist, he has defrauded his research achievements and honors, but in his later years he still worked hard to study and invent for the happiness of mankind.

In the 1930s, near the end of life, Nikola Tesla became a deep-spoken, living alone in a hotel in New York City, occasionally making unusual statements to the press. Due to the strange behavior, Tesla is widely regarded as the prototype of "mad scientists." On January 7, 1943, Tesla, who had lived for the rest of his life, died at the New Yorker's Hotel due to heart failure at the age of 86. The Nikola Tesla Museum, built in 1952, is located in the Serbian capital of Belgrade to commemorate and showcase Nikola Tesla's life story. In 1957, Tesla's ashes were transported back and placed therein. The museum houses approximately 160,000 original documents and approximately 5,700 other items. In 2003, due to Tesla's important contribution to the electrification of the world and future technological advances, the museum was included in the memory of the world.

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