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Wang Xizhi's Calligraphy "The Orchid Pavilion"

Wang Xizhi's Calligraphy The Orchid Pavilion (Picture 1)


Wang Xizhi, AD 303 to 361, the Han nationality, was born in China Langya Linyi (now Shandong), and later he moved to Hueiji County Shanyin County (now Zhejiang Shaoxing), the official to the right army, he is the great calligrapher of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Wang Xizhi's calligraphy has a high artistic value and historical status, is recognized as the world's first calligraphy.

In the third day of March (353 AD) in March, Wang Xizhi and Xie An, Sun Chuo and other forty-one people, in the shade of the city (now Shaoxing, Zhejiang) Lanting repair, each with poetry, as "The Orchid Pavilion", Wang Xizhi for the writing of the manuscripts, narrative Lanting around the beauty of the mountains and the joy of gathering, to express the author on the good times, life and death impermanence of emotion.

Wang Xizhi in the "The Orchid Pavilion" wrote:

Yonghe nine years, that is, Gui ugly years, at the beginning of March, (celebrities) in Hueiji county town of Shanyin County Lanting party, to the water side of the disaster relief activities. Many of the prestigious people are coming, young and old. There are tall mountains and steep mountains, there are dense woods and high bamboo, there are water jet, (in the pavilion) around the shine. The water into the (pavilion) in the ring canal, so that the glass drift water (for people to drink). People are sitting next to the song of water, although there is no orchestral play together, but (while) while drinking poetry, but also enough to express their feelings buried in the heart.

This day, the weather was fine, the wind gently blowing. Look up at the vast sky boundless, look down, so many things on the ground, so to portrait, open mind, can rely on its poor look and listen to enjoy, it is worth happy ah!

People get along with each other and pitch each other. Some people like to talk about their own aspirations, in the room (with friends) face to face to talk; some people with their own favorite things sustenance feelings, without any constraints, indulge in life. (Or) temporarily get (for) the things they want, happy and self-sufficient, (or), when they are happy, Do not feel that aging is coming; until you are tired of the things you love or get, emotions change with the (current) situation, feeling arises spontaneously, before the cheerful thing, instantly, it becomes Traces, and still can not but feel so endless, and the length of (life) with the good fortune (and definite), the final (will) to the end. The ancients said: "death and life is also a big thing!" How can not grief!

Whenever I see the cause of the predecessors, if I met (and I thought) the same, (I) did not have to face (their) articles and upset, can not be expressed in words in words. (I) had to know that life and death are equally absurd, the longevity and short-lived equal view is wrong. Future generations look at today, but also as people look at the same as before, sad ah! So I recorded the people (the words of the meeting), recorded their (the poem). Even if the times have changed, things are different, (people) sent emotion (things) is the same. Future generations of readers will also feel the rhetoric of this rally.

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