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Christian (Picture 1)


Christianity is the collective name for the various sects who worship Jesus Christ as the Savior, also known as Christianity. In the first century AD, it originated in the Palestinian province of Rome (in Israel, Palestine and Jordan today). It is based on the birth, preaching, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christianity mainly includes: Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox three major sects and other minor sects. The Christian faith is centered on Jesus Christ and is based on the Bible. The core idea is the gospel, the salvation of God Jesus Christ, which fully demonstrates God's unselfish love for all mankind and the entire universe. God loves the world and even gives his only Son (Jesus Christ) to them, that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but will have eternal life.

In the 1st century AD, Christianity was founded by Jewish Nazarene Jesus in today's Israel, Palestine, and Jordan regions. He inherited the Jewish Bible and many cultural traditions, and believed in God to create and dominate the world. It believes that human beings have sinned from the ancestors for failing to obey the laws of God, and have died in sin. Only the God who believes in the Trinity can be saved with the help of Jesus Christ. Jesus gave birth and sacrificed himself, redeeming mankind, marking God's new covenant with mankind, bringing the gospel of God's salvation, and proclaiming the end of the Old Testament era. During the preaching process, Jesus enrolled 12 apostles and made atonement for the world with the sacrifice of the cross. Three days after the death of Jesus, he was resurrected on the 40th day after the resurrection. On the 50th day, the Holy Spirit was sent to the glory and development that continued to this day.

Christianity believes in the Holy Spirit and believes that the Holy Spirit is the life-giving Lord. He comes out from the Father and the Son, and is worshipped and honored with the Father and the Son. Believe that the new life given by the Holy Spirit can be reborn. Rebirth is also reflected in the election of the Father, the redemption of the Son, and the renewal of the Holy Spirit.

The growth of Christians is inseparable from the church. The church is called the mother of all respectful people. It is sacred and holy, and it is also universal and universal. The church is not limited to a certain place, but is spread all over the world. The church unites because of its confession of God and its faith.

Christians believe that there is no death in Christ, only eternal happiness. Eternal life is chosen and preserved by God forever in the Lord Jesus. It is God's gift, because of God's choice and reservation, the redemption of Jesus Christ has gained new life from the Holy Spirit.

Christianity sums up all the truths and cores of its faith as loving God (you must do your best to love the Lord - your God) and your lover as yourself (not to avenge, nor to blame your own people, but to love others as yourself) One of the most fundamental principles is to regard the law of love as the greatest law. Falling in love also becomes the core command in the New Testament, and believes that this spiritual true love and sacred concentration is embodied in Christ Jesus, and is therefore also called the religion of love.

Christianity and Buddhism and Islam are also called the three major religions. However, Christianity is the world's largest religion in terms of both scale and influence. Christianity has always had an extremely important and irreplaceable key role and far-reaching influence in the history of human development. So far, major developed countries, except Japan, are countries dominated by Christian culture. Especially in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Oceania, Christianity has shaped all aspects of human civilization, whether political, economic, scientific, educational, cultural, and artistic.

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