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Tibetan Xiangba prints

Tibetan Xiangba prints (Picture 1)


"Xiangba", Tibetan phonetic translation, means woodcut prints. The Tibetan Xiangba is different from the traditional Tibetan Buddhist prints and modern emerging prints. It is a new Tibetan print developed by contemporary artists based on the traditional Tibetan culture. It has new Tibetan prints with strong and distinct Tibetan characteristics from content to form. "Tibetan Xiangba" not only adopts a unique expression method in drawing, but also continuously explores and innovates in the application of pigments and paper. The Tibetan Xiangba's painting pigments use natural minerals and plant materials produced in the snowy plateau, and have a pure color. , Excellent quality, excellent light resistance, strong weather resistance, and Tibetan Xiangba's paper is made from venom grass and agarwood, which are produced in plateau snow, as the main raw materials. Anti-corrosion, moth-proof and moisture-proof properties.

The Tibetan Xiangba's performance is extensive and profound, and the form is hand-carved to show the unique impression of the print. It draws on the essence of traditional and modern art, and forms a unique artistic language and visual texture, which greatly enriches the expressive power of prints and gives people a strong modern beauty. Its artistic characteristics are: based on line carving, with the rich color of traditional Thangka as the main tone, fully absorbing the infinitely rich symbols and aesthetic resources in the art of collectors, showing strong nationality, regionality, timeliness, and artists Personal creative style. The classic Xiangba works can interpret the "meaningful form" into a brand-new situation: the style of knives and pens set off against each other, the color and quality are reflected in the charm, the rhythm of the image and the image are contrasted, and the picture is plain, novel and gorgeous. Thick, profound and profound, giving people a strong spiritual shock. His works not only have a strong national cultural atmosphere, obvious regional characteristics, and a popular spirit of appreciation for elegance and vulgarity, but also break through the aesthetic model of traditional prints with new creative ideas and visual forms, and achieve it with an independent, unique, and original artistic language. The transcendental deepening of traditional Tibetan prints has promoted the diversified development of contemporary Chinese prints, and has great practical significance and broad development prospects.

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