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The novel "How steel is made"

The novel How steel is made

"How steel was made" was a novel written by former Soviet writer Nikola Ostrovsky, written in 1933. The novel tells people by telling the growth path of Paul Kochakin that one can overcome himself only by defeating the enemy in the hardships of the revolution, only when he is linking his own pursuits with the interests of the motherland and the people. Create a miracle before you grow into a steel warrior. "How steel is made" is a famous work in Soviet socialist literature. The main achievement of the work is to shape Paul Kochkin as the perfect artistic example. The author strictly follows the truth of life when portraying this character, and does not regard Paul’s strong will and strong character as born, but thinks that he is studying hard in heroic battles and hard labor. Exercised out in a strict self-discipline.

The author of "How steel is made" is Nikolai Ayekseyevich Ostrovsky (1904 - 1936), a Soviet proletarian revolutionary writer born in a common worker family in Ukraine. At the age of 12, he began his working career. At the age of 15, he joined the Communist Youth League and participated in the civil war to defend the Soviet regime. In 1920, he was transferred to the trend of economic construction due to injury. He was responsible for the leadership of the regiment and the party's lower and middle-level leadership. He was the Soviet "excellent communist fighter." After the recurrence of the injury caused the body to collapse and blindness, he embarked on the road of literary creation. In 1935, he won the highest honor of the country, the Lenin Medal; he died in 1936. There are not many books in life, and the most famous one is “How Steel is Made”.

The novel truly and profoundly depicts the vast picture of life in the Ukrainian region around the October Revolution, shaping the glorious image of a generation of heroes represented by Paul Kochakin. The protagonist Paul Kochakin’s childhood was the life of the lowest level of suffering. The young Paul was arrested for saving the old Bolshevik Zhuhe who was caught in the enemy. He was unyielding in prison. After he was released from prison, he joined the army and went to battle in the Kotovsky Skiing Brigade and the Bujuni Cavalry Regiment. After serious injuries, the doctors deeply admire them with amazing endurance. After leaving the hospital, he left the army. Whether it was doing the work of the Communist Youth League, reversing the work or participating in the hard work of building the railway, they all showed the fearless spirit of upholding the truth and not afraid of danger, and also had a serious attitude and spiritual realm on the issue of love. The brutal war, hard work, and heavy work made Paul sick, and his eyes were blind and his body was paralyzed, but he was successful in literary creation with amazing perseverance.

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