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Lin Zexu destroyed the opium in Humen

Lin Zexu destroyed the opium in Humen (Picture 1)


Lin Zexu in the Humen destruction of opium (June 1839), refers to the Chinese Qing government appointed imperial envoy Lin Zexu in Guangdong Humen concentrated destruction of the historical events of opium. The matter later became the first fuse of the Opium War, "Nanjing Treaty" is also the war when the Qing government signed. Lin Zexu in the Humen destruction of opium has become a historical event to combat drugs.

Daoguang eighteen years (1838) in September, Lin Zexu to the Emperor Daoguang letter, about the Western countries on China's large dumping of opium harm, if ignored, a few decades later, China will have no soldiers can resist the enemy, the Treasury will emptiness. Daoguang emperor read, was deeply moved, that is, in the same year on December 31 appointed Lin Zexu as imperial envoy, to ban opium in Guangzhou. In the process of ban on opium in Guangzhou, Lin Zexu realized that the British colonists refused to give up the evil opium trade, and plan to use force to invade China. In order to fight against opium aggression, defeated the enemy, he carried out a lot of "learning the enemy's ability to resist the enemy" military reform practice. Lin Zexu in Guangdong side of the ban on smoking, while actively preparing for the construction of the fort, he believes that "people can be used," recruiting more than 5,000 fishermen compiled sailors, defeated the British provocation. In the second half of 1839, won the battle of Kowloon and other victories.

From March 1839, Lin Zexu arrived in Guangzhou to ban opium, to October 1840 the Qing Dynasty to stop Lin Zexu Governor of the two borough duties, Lin Zexu in Guangzhou hosted a ban on anti-British military struggle for 19 months. May 18, 1839, spent 34 days, 19187 boxes of smoke collected, the total weight of 1188127 kg. June 3, which lasted 23 days in the Humen destruction of opium, under the command of Lin Zexu, declared to the world the Chinese nation will not succumb to the determination of aggression. Lin Zexu went to Guangzhou to ban smoking, in the practice of fighting with the invaders, he realized that his lack of Western knowledge, he began to consciously purposefully to collect foreign newspapers, books, translation, in order to obtain valuable information, Understanding of "Western". By analyzing foreign political, legal, military, economic, cultural and other aspects, he realized that only to learn from Western countries, China can resist foreign aggression.

Lin Zexu in Humen to destroy opium to a certain extent, to curb the spread of opium in China, in the civil society had a positive impact. Second, the ban on smoking greatly increased the awareness of the Chinese people on the harm of opium, so many people see the British trafficking in opium to the nature of China, wake up the Chinese people's patriotic consciousness. After this incident, non-smoking hero Lin Zexu by the Chinese people respect for national heroes. His honest, upright quality has also been descendants of praise. However, Lin Zexu in Humen destroyed the opium did not effectively save China in the fire and water, but accelerated the British invasion of China. The reason is that the ban on smoking directly undermines the interests of the British bourgeoisie, the British government quickly decided to launch a long-planned war of aggression against China, "Lin Zexu in the Humen destruction of opium" has also become a foreign powers launched the fuse of the Opium War. From this point of view, Lin Zexu in the Humen destruction of opium to accelerate the pace of China's semi-colonialization, to a large extent to promote the development of modern Chinese history.

Lin Zexu in the Humen destruction of opium on the one hand to wake up a lot of patriotic people of China at that time, they began to reflect on, repositioning China's position in the world, no longer think that China is "heavenly country." On the other hand, it also greatly inhibited the British opium trade in China, a heavy blow to the British bourgeoisie in China's trade plunder, showing the Chinese people's determination and awareness of smoking ban. In addition, this event has become an example of the world's anti-smoking movement, history, many countries and regions combined with their own situation to be followed to curb the proliferation of drugs. Lin Zexu led the victory of the ban on smoking, safeguarding the dignity and interests of the Chinese nation. Lin Zexu in the Humen destruction of opium is an important event in the modern history of China against imperialism, but also the feat of human history. Historians believe that it shows the determination of the Chinese nation against foreign aggression, which has a symbolic significance for the Chinese people to fight against foreign aggression.

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