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Russian S-400 air defense missile

Russian S-400 air defense missile (Picture 1)

The S-400 anti-aircraft missile is a Russian land-based mobile medium-and long-range air defense missile system. It is the fourth-generation surface-to-air missile system of the Russian Air Defense Force. The S-400 anti-aircraft missile is a new upgraded version of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile PMU3, which can be used to combat dense multi-target air strikes from ultra-low altitude to high altitude, close range to ultra-long-range full airspace, and for fifth-generation fighters and complex interference. Specially optimized against the environment, with anti-tactical and medium-range ballistic missile capabilities. It can deal with various targets such as reconnaissance aircraft, strategic and tactical aircraft, tactical missiles, medium-range ballistic missiles, supersonic targets, and patrol aircraft. It can command and launch 8 different types of missiles, which can be used for long-range, medium-range and short-range, with a maximum range of 400 km. In 2010, Russia deployed the first S-400 air defense missile battalion near Moscow.

The S-400 anti-aircraft missile has more than twice the range of the US Patriot missile and twice the weight. It is said to be able to detect stealth aircraft. The S-400 missile system also has anti-missile capabilities, but is limited to intercepting ballistic missiles with a shorter range (3,500 km) within 60 km of the S-400 missile launcher. This means that it can intercept missiles that fly at a speed of 5,000 meters per second. The S-400 missile system actually has two types of missiles, one of which is smaller and has a shorter range (120 km). As with the S-300 missile system, four S-400 missile launchers will deploy four such missiles. Larger missiles actually have two types, one with a range of 250 kilometers and the other with a more expensive range of 400 kilometers. The S-400 missile has no actual combat experience, but the US intelligence agency believes that the test accepted by the missile system shows that it is a powerful air defense weapon.

The S-400 air defense missile system is unique in design and strong in anti-interference ability. Its firepower unit (minimum combat unit) includes a phased array guided radar vehicle and several missile launch vehicles. The S-400 system's illumination guidance radar is an advanced phased array radar with long detection and tracking distance, and can simultaneously complete tasks such as searching and tracking targets, guided missiles, and anti-electronic interference. The S-400 system can simultaneously guide multiple missiles and attack multiple targets, especially for combat in strong electronic interference environments. The S-400 has good versatility. The 9M96E/E2 air defense missile basically meets the requirements of the universal standard in terms of external dimensions and missile equipment. The only difference is that in order to improve the range of the missile, the 9M96E/E2 is equipped with a large thrust cruise engine. The 9M96E/E2 missile has a killing probability of 90% for combat aircraft, 80% for missiles and drones, and 70% for tactical ballistic missiles. In addition, since the operational performance of the S-400 system far exceeds the S-300PMUI, deploying one S-400 is equivalent to deploying three S-300 PMUIs.

The main parameters of the S-400 tactical technical performance are as follows: the target detection distance is 600 kilometers, and the number of tracking targets is 300. The radar detection range for the aerodynamic target is 360×14 degrees, and the radar detection range for the ballistic target is 60×75 degrees. The damage range for aerodynamic targets is 0-400 km, the damage range for ballistic targets is 2-180 km, the maximum height of the damage target is 80,000 m, the minimum height of the damage target is 10 m, and the maximum target speed of the damage is 5800 m. / seconds (18 Mach / times the speed of sound), can attack 48 targets at the same time, while guiding the missile to aim at 85 targets, the running time is 2-3 minutes, and the response time of the system equipment from the unfolded state to the readiness state is 1 minute. Before the overhaul, the working life of the system equipment is 20,000 hours, the service life of land-based equipment is at least 40 years, and the service life of ground-to-air missiles is at least 25 years.

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