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International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor

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International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor

International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor Project, referred to as "ITER". ITER device is a large-scale nuclear fusion reaction can produce superconducting device, commonly known as "artificial sun". The ITER program was launched in 1985 and began experimenting with the experimental work in 1988. After thirteen years of effort, costing $ 1.5 billion, based on the integration of the world's leading research results, ITER engineering was completed in 2001. After five years of negotiations, ITER plans to formally sign a joint implementation agreement in 2006 to launch the ITER program. Cooperation The seven members of the ITER program are the EU, China, Korea, Russia, Japan, India and the United States. The ITER program will last for 35 years, with a construction phase of 10 years, running and developing a utilization phase of 20 years, to the activation phase for 5 years. ITER program is the world's second only to the International Space Station and another international science project. The program will integrate the main scientific and technological achievements of today's internationally controlled nuclear confinement nuclear fusion, the first time to build a fusion reactor that can achieve large-scale fusion reaction, will study and solve a large number of technical problems, is the human controlled nuclear fusion research to practical A key step, so it is highly supported by governments and the scientific community.

Nuclear fusion research is the world's science and technology industry to solve the future of human energy and carry out major international cooperation plan. Unlike non-renewable energy and conventional clean energy, fusion can have the advantages of unlimited resources, no pollution to the environment, no high-level radioactive waste, etc. It is one of the leading forms of human energy in the future, and it is now recognized that the ultimate solution to human social energy Problems and environmental issues, and promote sustainable development of human society one of the important ways. The ITER program is an indispensable step towards the commercialization of fusion energy, with the goal of verifying the scientific and technical viability of peaceful use of fusion energy. The ITER program integrates the main scientific and technological achievements of today's internationally controlled nuclear confinement nuclear fusion research, with a reliable scientific basis and a solid technical foundation. International's view of the ITER program: the construction and operation of ITER's scientific and engineering technology base is already available, through demonstration heap, prototype reactor nuclear power plant stage, which can be achieved in the middle of this century, commercialization of fusion.

January 5, 2013, from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Hefei Institute of Materia Medica was informed that the agency plasma commitment to the large scientific project "artificial sun" experimental device (EAST) by the major experimental results, the auxiliary heating project of the neutral beam injection system, On the comprehensive test platform, the 100 second long pulse hydrogen neutral beam was successfully introduced, and the long pulse running ability of the system was verified. Scientists said that the current round of experimental long-pulsed neutral beam leads, is the first time in the country, marking China in the field of neutron beam injection heating has taken a solid step. EAST device auxiliary heating system mainly includes low clutter current drive system, neutral beam injection system of these two systems. The EAST neutral beam injection system is developed by China itself, covering a number of scientific and technological fields such as precision high current ion source, high vacuum, low temperature refrigeration, high voltage and isolation technology, remote monitoring and control and plasma and beam diagnosis.

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