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Thai Fighting Skills Muay Thai

Thai Fighting Skills Muay Thai (Picture 1)

Thai boxing is Thai boxing and it is very lethal. Muay Thai is a legendary fighting skill, a sport known for its strength and agility. It mainly uses the human body's double fists, legs, elbows, and knees as the eight weapons to attack, punching and kicking the legs, making the knees elbows forcefully flowing, the power is extremely abundant, and the attack power is sharp. It is known as the strongest fighting technique. After researching that the Thai culture is deeply influenced by the cultures of China and India, the Thai and the Chinese nation have an inseparable blood relationship. But for centuries, the Thais settled in the Indo-China Peninsula and lived and prospered. In the long-term struggle against foreign aggression, they gradually formed their own unique boxing skills. Therefore, we can say that Muay Thai was produced by the Thai people in the long-term historical background against foreign aggression.

Muay Thai is a fighting technique originated in Thailand and promoted in the world. It is called "eight arm boxing", "eight-legged movement", "art of eight limbs", "eight-body science", "the strongest fighting technique". In the competition of pure Muay Thai rules, the boxing technique of Muay Thai uses eight parts of the human body limbs of double fists, legs, elbows and knees to fight. In the game of kick boxing, double fists and legs are used. The six parts of the human limbs of the knees are fighting. Muay Thai is of course a kind of martial arts, and it is called the super-strong standing fighting technique in stand-up fighting techniques. A skilled boxer can use his limbs and arms as a weapon to knock down opponents in an instant. The winning condition for the Thai boxer to win the competition is the total combination of skill, strength, ingenuity and spiritual strength. The highest field is the clever tact and volatility; and it is not limited to any boxing techniques or tricks. It can be seen that Muay Thai is a very unique, profound and complete martial arts system."

Known as the greatest boxing master of the century, Napeng, martial arts is outstanding; its extraordinary achievement lies in the fact that in the 25-year-old boxing career, after three hundred and fifty battles, he was not knocked down by his opponent. Nai Peng was born in Lopburi, Thailand, and was nicknamed "Bison" for his bravery in the ring. His body is extremely solid, a pair of ruthless face, skin color, copper and natural talent. Coupled with his keen skill and wonderful fighting skills, he was deeply loved by the fans at that time. The most outstanding one was to defeat the famous Western boxing champion in the pillar of the national column in 1937. He won the military trophy and became the strongest boxer in the country. In 1938, in the Zhao Zhao Boxing Field, he and the "Boxing" Ba Shuo launched a series of battles; the heroic smashed and shocked the boxing world, and left a deep impression on the boxing fans. He has beaten the boxing altar for many years. He has defeated the strongest boxers in the world, such as Ba Yu, Tong Bai, Bao Pan, etc.; after losing to Langlong, he left the river and lake, when he was forty-one years old. After retiring, he had set up a lecturer. Many of his apprentices were masters. Later, he joined the police and served the people. He died in 1976 at the age of 62. His peerless martial arts is still branded in the hearts of Thai boxing fans.

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