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History of tennis

History of tennis (Picture 1)


The history of modern tennis has generally started in 1873. That year, the British Walter Kloppton Winfield improved the early tennis style and made it a summer sporting activity on the lawn, and named it "grass tennis." In the same year, a booklet entitled “Grassland Tennis” was published to promote and promote such activities. So Winfield was called "the founder of modern tennis." Since then, tennis has become a sport that can be carried out indoors and outdoors. At the same time, tennis clubs are established throughout the UK. In 1875, the All England Tennis Club was established. The club built the world's first tennis court and in 1877 held the All England Lawn Tennis Men's Singles Championship, which was later known as the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament.

In 1881, the first national tennis association in the world, the National Grassland Tennis Association of the United States, appeared. From August 31 to September 3 of that year, the first American grass tennis men's singles and men's doubles tournament was held in Newport Harbor, Rhode Island. The rules of Wimbledon were used. people. In 1900, 21-year-old American tennis player Davis, in order to promote the development of modern tennis, donated a gold-lined sterling silver scorpion called the Davis Cup. It later became the permanent mobile trophy for the most prestigious men's team tournament in the international tennis arena. The name of the champion team and the team members is engraved on the cup every year. When the name was engraved in 1920, Davis donated a pad box and added two more trays.

In 1904, the Australian Lawn Tennis Association was established. In 1905, it began to host the Australian Championships, with men's singles and men's doubles. In 1922, women's singles, women's doubles and mixed doubles were added. The French Tennis Championships, the Wimbledon Championships in the United Kingdom, the American Tennis Championships and the Australian Tennis Championships are the most prestigious "grand slam" tennis tournaments in the world. Any player or group of doubles can win the Grand Slam winners in the same season. The era of the Open began in 1968, when the four Grand Slams reached an agreement to allow professional players to participate in the competition and compete with non-professional players. Since then, it has become possible to earn income by playing tennis. The first Grand Slam tournament that became the Open was the 1968 French Open.

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