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Marathon long distance race

Marathon long distance race (Picture 1)


The Marathon long-distance running is a very popular long-distance race in the world. The journey distance is 26 miles and 385 yards, which is equivalent to 42.195 kilometers. There are three types: Full Marathon, Half Marathon and Quarter Marathon. The most popular marathon is the most popular, generally referring to the marathon, which refers to the full marathon.

The origin of the marathon project begins with a battle that took place on September 12, 490 BC. The battle took place between the Persians and the Athenians at the marathon seaside not far from Athens. The history was called the Hippo war, and the Athenians finally won the anti-aggression victory. In order to let the people of his hometown know the good news of victory as soon as possible, the commander of the Mildet sent a soldier named Feidi Pitz to return to report. Fidi Pitz is a famous "Flying Leg". In order to let the hometown people know the good news early, he ran fast. When he ran to Athens, he was out of breath and excitedly shouted "Happy, The Athenians, we won." When they finished, they fell to the ground and died.

In order to commemorate this event, at the first modern Olympic Games held in 1896, the marathon race was established, and the distance that Filip Pitt sent the letter - 42.193 kilometers - was the distance of the race. The marathon was originally a place name in Greece. 30 kilometers northeast of Athens. Its name comes from the Phoenician marathus, which means “more fennel”, which is named after the growth of many fennel trees in ancient times. The marathon in sports is named after this.

After the first Olympic Games in 1896, the marathon was held all over the world. The United States held the Boston Marathon from 1897 and held it in 104 in 2000, making it the oldest marathon in the world. The marathon is held on the road and can take the round-trip route from the same place as the start point or the one-way route from the same place. During the competition, the km card marked with the distance must be placed along the way, and a beverage station should be provided every 5 km to provide drinks. There is a water station between the two beverage stations to provide drinking water or water. Physical health check is required before the competition, and those who pass the qualification can register for the competition.

The original marathon did not have a world record, only the best in the world. However, in order to stimulate the development of road competitions, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) decided to set a world record for road races such as marathons and race walks starting from January 1, 2004. One of the charms of the marathon is the opening of the competition venue. Other sports, as long as they can be used for competitions, are either a familiar place or a common circle, and the marathon venues are mostly selected from urban roads. For the contestants, every step, every time They are all different scenery. The second charm of the marathon is the tolerance of the participants. In other sports, only the same players can compete in the same field. It is almost impossible for amateurs to compete with professional athletes. Unlike marathons, professional athletes and amateurs can compete together.

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