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Boxing fighting

Boxing fighting (Picture 1)

Boxing is a sport that fights with boxing gloves. It has both amateur (also known as Olympic boxing) and professional competitions. The goal of the game is to get more points than the other to defeat the opponent or knock the opponent down to end the game. At the same time, the competitors must try to avoid the opponent's blow. Boxing is known as the "Courage of the Brave." As early as in ancient Greece and Rome, there were many records about boxing. In the ancient Olympics, boxing was already one of the competitions. By the third modern summer Olympics in St. Louis, men's boxing was officially included in the competition.

Modern boxing originated in the United Kingdom in the eighteenth century, when the game did not wear gloves; there were no rules and time limits until one of them lost the ability to continue the game. Based on the rules originally established by Broughton in 1838, the British enacted a new 4102 "London Boxing Championship Rules"; this rule was finally used in boxing in 1839. In 1853, this rule was also amended to prohibit the boxers from using low-level kicks such as kicks, head bumps, and bites during the game, and stipulated that the boxing ring was surrounded by ropes. In 1867, John Gulaham Thousand Bass, a member of the London Amateur Athletic Club, and the journalist further improved the new boxing rules; the Queen Marquis of Queensbury, John Shawtuto Douglas The guarantor of this new rule and named it "Queensbury Boxing Rules." For example, the competition must use the rules of the glove. From another perspective, the efforts of British boxing enthusiasts have made an indelible contribution to the promotion and promotion of modern boxing competition. In 1880, the British Amateur Boxing Association was officially established in London, and since then boxing has spread to all parts of the world.

Professional boxing is a type of boxing match. That is, boxers accept the gold of a professional boxing club and engage in commercial boxing. Or entrusting a broker to represent his career is a manifestation of the commercialization of boxing. Professional boxers must be at least 18 years of age. Glove weight: 171 grams below 60 kg, and 143 g above 60 kg. The rules of the game are three minutes per round and one minute in the middle. The rookie has six rounds per game, eight to ten rounds for the second-level boxer, and ten to twelve rounds for the first-level boxer. Professional boxing differs from amateur boxing or Olympic boxing in that professional boxing is not allowed to wear armor and is more enjoyable. And professional boxers are not allowed to participate in the Olympics. Amateur competition is another type of boxing match. Athletes participating in this competition must be at least 18 years of age, with parental consent, and a coach with a well-trained visa and a doctor's health certificate. Each round is three rounds, three minutes per turn (or two minutes), and one minute break between the two boxers. Each boxing glove weighs 228 grams. Players must wear helmet guards and wear the costumes of the competition during the competition. The highest honor for amateur boxing is the Olympic champion.

There are five internationally recognized professional boxing organizations in the world: World Boxing Association (WBA), World Boxing Council (WBC), International Boxing Federation (IBF), World Boxing Organization (WBO), World Professional Boxing Federation (WPBF). And an international amateur boxing organization AIBA. Each professional boxing organization has a total of 17 competition levels, and each professional boxing organization has its own world champion of all levels. In 1964, Muhammad Ali defeated the formidable Sunni Liston and shocked the world of boxing. In his 21-year boxing career, Ali has covered almost all the heavyweight world boxing champions. Its match with Fraser and Norton is a classic in the boxing ring. In 1974, in the battle of the jungle, Foreman defeated Ali to establish Ali's unique position in professional boxing. Until the age of 32, Ali was still active in the boxing ring.

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