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American whiskey

American whiskey (Picture 1)


The first American whiskey was a favorite spirits of tough tough men. However, the use of a new, internally baked oak barrels, clear water and yeast gives the wine some mild, slick and vanilla flavors that can be enhanced by adding water or gas-laden beverages. American whiskeys show characteristics that make them suitable for any occasion and add a variety of cocktail vitality.

American whiskey came after the arrival of Irish and Scottish immigrants who conquered the New World. But in the early days of history, whiskeys were not the kind of drink we know today. The whiskey during that time helped the colonialists to recall the good times of their homeland and treat it as a miraculous cure for all the unhappiness and suffering.

In the early 17th century, Britain was built in Virginia in the town of James, the earliest colony of North America. Colonists brought distillers from Scotland and the history of American whiskey began. In the 18th century, immigrants from Scotland Island and Ireland Island came to the New World to start the whiskey brewing. The raw materials they chose were native American rye and corn. Fermentation is very significant, it plays an important role in the production of whiskey odor and taste, but also has strict requirements on water, especially water hardness. In the middle of the eighteenth century, American whiskey really began to develop. Its history, like all other countries, is inseparable from riots and tax chaos.

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