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German HB beer

German HB beer (Picture 1)

HB Beer is a German Royal Beer from Europe. It has maintained a high status since its inception and is known as the “Emperor Crown”. The difference between HB beer and other beer is that the brewing period is twice as long as the brewing period of the general beer. The foam is white and rich and delicate, and the hanging cup is durable. The principle of beer purity law is strictly enforced, which reflects the highest production technology level and the most pure quality of German beer. The flavor. The palate is mellow and refreshing with a long finish.

HB Beer as early as 1516, William IV of Germany enacted the regulations on the degree of beer manufacturing, brewing standard barley, hops and spring water. It was built on September 27, 1589, and built in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. A brewery exclusively for the royal family, and named Royal Beer, referred to as HB. “H” stands for the Royal German, “B” stands for beer, and HB beer is born.

HB beer does not add any food additives or auxiliary materials (rice, starch, etc.) for fermentation. The products have always followed the principle of “beer purity law” in Germany. Selected Australian malt, German pure brewer's yeast, German green fragrant hop, high-quality brewing water Made from natural raw materials. The entire brewing process is remotely monitored by the German HB headquarters to ensure product quality. The production of HB beer, the selection of raw materials, unique craftsmanship, wine flavor, rich nutrition, elegant taste, has maintained a lofty status since the advent of the world to become the boutique of the Oktoberfest. The brand concept of the supreme to pure brewing classic has made HB the highest glory and taste.

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