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Gin (Picture 1)

Gin, first produced in the Netherlands, is famous worldwide after being mass produced in the UK, and is the world's largest category of spirits. Gin can be divided into spicy gin, old Tom gin and fruity gin according to taste style. Gin is one of the world's famous wines. Gin has a fragrant and seductive aroma, colorless and transparent, fresh and refreshing taste, can be drunk alone, can also be mixed with cocktails, and is the only indispensable wine in the preparation of cocktails. There are many names of gin in the world. The Dutch call it Gellever, the British call it Hollamds or Genova, the Germans call it Wacholder, the French call it Genevieve, and the Belgian call it Jenevers.

Gin was born in the Netherlands and grew up in the UK. It is the most used alcohol in cocktails and has a reputation of cocktail heart. There was a nobleman in the Netherlands named William Arms III. When a dispute over the British royal family's inheritance took place, he intermarried with members of the British royal family, became a British prince, and eventually became William Arm III. At that time, there was no alcohol in England, at most, only beer. William Earl III began to introduce brandy from France and whisky from Scotland. However, due to the small volume of imported goods, fiscal revenues are also not large. William Arm III then moved Dutch gins to England and encouraged everyone to drink them. Gin began to be consumed in large quantities, and its quality gradually improved, eventually growing into the number one in the world.

British gin, also known as dry gin, is made by crushing, heating, fermenting, and distilling corn, barley malt, and other grains. The British gin has a transparent color, a scent and a pleasant taste. Can be used as a pure drink or as a base for cocktails. Common brands are Gordon Gin and Bifuda Gin.

Dutch gin is made from barley malt and rye as the main raw materials, with gin as a flavoring material. After fermentation, the grain is obtained by distillation. Then it is like a wine obtained by re-distilling the gin flavor. Stored in a glass tank and matured, then diluted and bottled during packaging. Dutch gin has a clear and clear color, strong spice flavor, spicy and sweet, and unique style.

American gin is light golden yellow because it ages in oak barrels for a period of time compared to other gins. American gin has two main categories: distilled gin and mixed gin. Under normal circumstances, American distilled gin has a "D" on the bottom of the bottle, which is a special symbol of American distilled gin. Blended gin is a simple blend of edible alcohol and gin, rarely used for single drinks, and mostly used for cocktails.

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