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China Maotai wine

China Maotai wine (Picture 1)

Maotai is produced in China's Guizhou Province, Zunyi City, Maotai Town, is China's traditional specialty wine. Is one of the world's three major distilled wines with Scotch whiskey, French Cognac brandy, and also national wine of China. It has been 800 years of history. In June 6, 2017, "2017 BrandZ most valuable global brand 100" announced, Maotai ranked No. 64.

Maotai has been 800 years of history. In 1915, in order to celebrate the Panama Canal navigation, held in San Francisco, the United States held a collection of countries in the world of the Panama Pacific International Fair, Maotai as a product of the Chinese government to send, it is said that when the Expo will be near the end of the wine, the Chinese sent Exhibition of wine was not rated, the Chinese delegation on behalf of anxious, pick up a bottle of Maotai pretend to be missed, throwing on the ground, the rich fragrance immediately spread, so that the presence of the judges was greatly surprised. After repeated tasting, agreed that Maotai is the world's top wine in the wine, but the gold medal has long been set, only to a compromise, the Maotai ranked second in the gold medal.

After the founding of the country, Maotai has won several awards, sold around the world. The water used to brew Maotai is mainly Chishui River water, Chishui River water quality is good, with this water after the distillation of wine is particularly sweet. Maotai town also has a very special natural environment and climatic conditions. It is located in the Guizhou plateau lowest point of the basin, only 440 meters above sea level, away from the plateau air, cloud all day long. Summer for 35 ~ 39 ℃ high temperature period is up to 5 months, a year most of the time the weather shrouded in the hot, wet rain and fog. This special climate, water quality, soil conditions, for the fermentation of the wine is very favorable. It can be said that if you leave here the special climatic conditions, some of the wine aroma ingredients can not produce, the taste of wine will be lacking.

Maotai wine, it is the local excellent waxy sorghum as raw material, fermentation period is long, multiple fermentation, many times to take wine and other unique technology, which is Maotai unique style, excellent quality of the important reasons. Brewed Maotai production cycle is up to a year, and then storage for more than three years, blending deployment, and then storage for one year, so that wine is more harmonious mellow, all the production process is close to five years. Maotai wine quality is bright and transparent, slightly yellow, mellow taste, intoxicated.

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