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Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka (Picture 1)


Vodka wine was born in the 14th century, Russia, the wine is generally 40 degrees to 55 degrees, are low spirits, high purity, has been among the ranks of the world's top ten wines. Russian people eat black caviar, drink vodka wine, is the best of the national style of food and wine. So in people's impression, only the Russian-made vodka is authentic vodka. Absolut Vodka is the world famous vodka brand, although vodka originated in Russia, but the absolute vodka is produced from a population of only 10,000 of the southern town of Ahus. Since its inception in 1879, Absolut Vodka has been able to take the creative and elegant and humorous way to interpret the brand's core values: pure, simple and perfect.

Each bottle of absolute vodka is produced in the southern town of Ahus, Sweden. Where the specialty of winter wheat gives the absolute vodka high quality and fine grain characteristics. After several centuries of experience, it has been confirmed that solid winter wheat with absolute vodka can produce high quality vodka. Absolute vodka is made by continuous distillation. This method was initiated by Lars Olsson Smith in Sweden in 1879. This unique distillation method will be continuous distillation of vodka hundreds of times, until the elimination of all the impurities in the wine. The water used in the brewing process is pure water in deep wells. It is through the use of a single origin, the local raw materials to make the absolute vodka company can completely control the production of all links, so as to ensure that each drop of wine can achieve absolute top quality standards. All the taste of the absolute vodka are from vodka and pure natural raw materials mixed together, never add any sugar.

Absolut Vodka was first introduced to the US market in 1979 and sold in 26 countries and became the world's second largest premium vodka brand. Since its introduction in 1979, it has created brilliant sales worldwide. From the original 10,000 boxes to today's more than 500,000 boxes of absolute vodka produced in Ahus, manufactured and shipped around the world. Absolute vodka is made from winter wheat, and its solid grain gives the absolute vodka high quality and smooth features. Approximately 80,000 tons of winter wheat are used for the production of absolute vodka every year. Production of one liter of absolute vodka to use more than 1 kg of winter wheat. Since the 1980s, the absolute vodka family has been expanding, increasing the chillies, lemon, black currant, citrus, vanilla, cranberries and other flavors, and still maintain the absolute quality of the absolute vodka.

Renowned international top liquor brand absolute vodka, it is in the Forbes business magazine named the US luxury brands come out on top. Absolute vodka is not only mellow taste, quality is unparalleled, but its brand is reflected by the perfect and infinite creativity is the world's approval, which famous Kyushu. Absolute vodka in many high-end luxury brands, such as Tiffany and BMW, stand out, more importantly, it is the only category of spirits to win such a winning brand. Since 1999, when Vodka has launched a new marketing campaign, Absolut Vodka has penetrated into a variety of visual arts areas such as fashion, music and art. But in any field, it can by virtue of the charm of their own brand to attract many young rich and loyal followers.

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