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Delicious sandwich (Picture 1)


Sandwich is a typical Western food. It is made from two pieces of bread and several pieces of meat and cheese, and various seasonings. It is easy to eat and widely popular in western countries. Among all the recipes in the West, any kind of bread or noodles, any kind of food that is easy to eat, can be made into a sandwich. Sandwich's history is almost as old as a cake, but it doesn't seem to have a specific name at first. There is an interesting story about the origin of the sandwich.

The sandwich was originally an unnamed town in the southeast of England. There is an Earl of Sandwich named John Montagu in the town. He is a fan of playing cards. He has been indulging in card games all day, and he has reached the point of forgetting. It was difficult for the servant to wait for his diet, and he sandwiched some dishes, eggs and sausages between the two pieces of bread, allowing him to eat while playing cards. I didn't expect Montagu to see this kind of food, and called it "sandwich" casually. When he was hungry, he shouted: "Get the sandwich!" Other gamblers are also eager to follow suit. When they play cards, they all eat sandwich. Soon, the sandwich spread throughout the British Isles and spread to the European continent, and later to the United States.

Today's sandwich is no longer as single as it used to be, and it has developed many new varieties. For example, there is a "nightclub sandwich" with chicken or turkey fillet, bacon, lettuce, and tomato. There is a "labor sandwich" with a corned beef, Swiss cheese, kimchi and a Russian topping on a black bread. Sauce, cucumber, water celery, tomato "sweet tea special" and so on. In France, when making a sandwich, you often use no bread, but instead use bread rolls or rolls. Sandwich made of French long sticks is also known as the "submarine bag"!

In the United States, the “hot sandwich” of small breaded beef is the most common nutritious snack; the sandwich with peanut butter and jelly is the main food for primary school students; the “night club sandwich” with chicken or turkey slices, bacon, lettuce and tomato. The "labor sandwiches" with pickled beef, Swiss cheese, kimchi, and hot-smelling black bread on a black bread are more expensive and are mainly sold in high-end restaurants and dance halls. In the UK, sandwiches sandwiched between fish sauce, cucumber, water celery and tomatoes are used exclusively for tea. In Scandinavia, the sandwiches have no upper layer and are covered with delicate fish, meat and salad.

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