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Regarding the origin of spaghetti, it is said that it originated from ancient Rome, and some said that it was made by Marco Polo from China through Sicily to the whole of Europe. As the legal raw material for pasta, Duran wheat is the hardest wheat variety with high density, high protein and high gluten. Its pasta is yellow in color and is resistant to cooking and taste. Pasta is also different according to the type and shape. In addition to ordinary straight powder, there are also screw-type, curved-tube type, butterfly-type, hollow type, and shell-shaped forests.

The earliest pasta was formed around the 13th to 14th centuries, most like the pasta we ate in the 21st century. After the Renaissance, the types and sauces of pasta were gradually enriched with art. By the end of the 19th century, the famous three sauce systems of pasta: tomato bottom, fresh cream bottom and olive oil bottom were completely formed, with a variety of seafood, vegetables, fruits and spices to form a complex and varied sauce taste. The noodles themselves vary widely, with various shapes such as slender, flat, spiral, and butterfly, and are made into colorful varieties by adding pumpkin, spinach, and grapes. According to statistics, there are 563 varieties of pasta.

In the 21st century, the annual global production of spaghetti has reached 10 million tons. In Italy, each person eats at least 28 kilograms of noodles each year. In the vicinity of the presidential palace in the center of Rome, there is even a unique noodle museum, which attracts a lot of people. The museum has a total of 11 exhibition halls, displaying noodle products and processing utensils from different times, from the earliest rolling pin and the basin to the later noodle making machine and noodle production line. Numerous objects vividly describe the history of the development of spaghetti for hundreds of years. Today, spaghetti has become the darling of the world.

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