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Chinese rice dumplings

Chinese rice dumplings (Picture 1)


Chinese rice dumplings is a kind of food made of bamboo leaves wrapped in bamboo leaves, is the traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Festival food. Chinese rice dumplings appeared early in the Spring and Autumn Period, originally used to sacrifice ancestors and gods. To the Jin Dynasty, the Chinese rice dumplings become the Dragon Boat Festival food. Since ancient times, the annual Lunar New Year in early May, the Chinese people have to dip glutinous rice, wash the leaves, to produce Chinese rice dumplings. Chinese rice dumplings as one of the deepest traditional Chinese food and culture of traditional food, also spread far. Japan, Vietnam and Chinese living in Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar and other places also have to eat Chinese rice dumplings customs.

After the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the people began to have Chinese rice dumplings, is said to be due to the people pay homage to Qu Yuan. Saying that when Qu Yuan jumped into the Miluo River, the people are sigh, the mind of Qu Yuan is so leave the Chu, is the loss of the country. So the people in order to prevent the fish and shrimp erosion Qu Yuan, they have to put rice into the river, they hope that the fish and shrimp only eat these rice grain without damage to Qu Yuan. Then, according to ancient books, Qu Yuan dream to the people said, rice into the river actually eaten by the dragon, if wrapped with leaves, and then tied with a five-color rope, you can be swallowed by the dragon. This is the origin of the Chinese rice dumplings.

Due to the different regions, from the material to the leaves, there are very different, even the shape of the package, the shape generally include: angle, triangle, regular triangle, sharp triangle, square, long and other shapes. Leaves are essential for the production of rice dumplings in China, the south is mainly dominated by bamboo leaves, mainly in the north with reed leaves.

Due to the different eating habits around, the Chinese rice dumplings formed a north-south flavor, the more famous varieties in the north are Beijing Chinese rice dumplings, Beijing Chinese rice dumplings larger, oblique squares or triangles. Beijing Chinese rice dumplings fillings are mostly red dates, bean paste, a few also use preserved fruit for the filling. Southern rice dumplings are salty and sweet, but mostly salty, ingredients include lotus root, bean paste, chestnut, jujube, bacon, chicken, egg yolk, scallops, mushrooms, mung beans, pork and so on.

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