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Taiwan Snack Snowflake Flaky Pastry

Taiwan Snack Snowflake Flaky Pastry (Picture 1)


Snowflake Flaky Pastry is a refreshment snack that originated in Taiwan, China. Snowflake Flaky Pastry is a crunchy and soft dessert. Peanuts, biscuits, almonds, and cranberries are chopped, mixed, and mixed with heated and melted marshmallows and butter. Put into a mold and sprinkle with milk powder. , And cut into pieces before completely cooling.

Preparation method of Snowflake Flaky Pastry, preparation materials: 200 grams of marshmallow, 50 grams of butter, 50 grams of whole milk powder, 50 grams of dried cranberries, 50 grams of almonds, and 50 grams of peanuts (fried). Melt the butter on a low heat in a pan, put in marshmallows, and stir until they are fully integrated, and the marshmallows appear brushed. Stir the other ingredients together in the pot. At this time, because the marshmallow is hot and the other materials are normal temperature, it is difficult to stir, and it is necessary to use both hands to force the material to mix evenly. Put the stirred material into an aluminum mold about three centimeters high, thirty centimeters long and twenty centimeters wide, and roll it flat with a rolling pin. Spread the whole milk powder evenly on the surface. After leaving it at room temperature, cut it with a knife and divide it into squares with a length, width, and height of about three centimeters.

Snowflake Flaky Pastry with Taiwan flavor blended with coconut flavor, preferably old coconut milk with natural mellow taste, coconut flakes attached to the surface layer, marshmallow sandwich, Taiwan flavor blended with coconut flavor ingenious baking. The taste is sweet and soft, the milk is mellow, and it is sweet but not greasy and cut into pieces. The Q bomb has toughness, is full and full, and it is delicious without sticking teeth. Exquisite packaging can be used as a warm gift, passing the warmth of the soul. You can also share the crispy charm with your girlfriends at leisure in the afternoon, or give yourself a good taste in casual time, so that the quiet life is full of imagination.

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