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Japan Dorayaki

Japan Dorayaki (Picture 1)

Japanese Dorayaki is a roasted dough, built-in red sand and other sandwich dessert, is the Japanese favorite pastry. It is also the Japanese cartoon characters Duo A dream and duo A dream seven children favorite food.

Japanese Dorayaki is the Japanese Edo era (AD 1603-1876), the generals take gongs to the benefactor, benefactor home is poor, they put the gong as a pot for roasted snacks, which actually created a peerless delicious. Dessert shape like a gong, but also with gongs roasted, so named Dorayaki.

Japanese Dorayaki Cakes are rich in aroma, soft and delicate skin and fragrant stuffing. It is a wonderful taste. Whether it is the original flavor of red beans, or passionate cream flavor, natural strawberry fruity, with pearl milk tea or coffee is also very good to enjoy; direct consumption is also as good.

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