About us  

The website sayfamous.com was founded by Lynx Lee, a programmer from China. The content of the website comes from the compilation of online resources and the submission of netizens. The purpose of the website is to share and inherit the famous things in the world.

If you have any resources you would like to share, please register a user and submit it directly to us. If you have any suggestions or cooperation, please contact us by email and we will promptly feedback you.

We are also thinking about creating a content partner organization and envisioning how sayfamous.com will continue to be alive through the operation of a fair organization. If you agree with our ideals and values, and are willing to do some content writing, and are happy to work for yourself and leave a good memory for the world, you can consider joining us, welcome to contact us to discuss this matter.

Our e-mail: contact@sayfamous.com