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Yonex badminton racket

Yonex badminton racket (Picture 1)


Yonex badminton racket is the world's most famous badminton racket, but also every badminton enthusiasts want to have badminton racket, in order to rule the badminton racket market, but also to meet different needs as much as possible, Yonex has developed a large number of models, they Dazzling Known as the world-famous badminton racket manufacturer, Yonex fully embodies the excellence of Japanese craftsmanship, badminton racket firmly occupy the first position in the world, and the tennis racket is also loved by many famous stars.

Genuine Yonex badminton rackets sold in the market a lot of style, basically can be divided into three kinds: one is a skeletal steel frame racket, a wood skew frame racket, there is a trial of successful steel in recent years Skeleton metal frame is also relatively solid. Steel skewer metal frame racket, have the advantages to be more, can be used as a formal match. Wood frame racket as a practice with the beat.

Genuine Yonex badminton racket sold on the market are: sheep intestine strings, nylon strings, tendon strings and other types of strings. Catgut elasticity, but not wear. Nylon strings are elegant, but less flexible. According to the above characteristics of various strings in the race selected sheep intestine string as the best. Some people think that authentic Yonex badminton rackets, the lighter the better, this is wrong. Light weight will be weak, but also affect the power and speed of the ball. The correct selection method should be a suitable weight, not shaking when waved. Then according to the size of each hand pick the handle, feel comfortable to hold the handle as well.

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