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Aristocratic watch Patek Philippe

Aristocratic watch Patek Philippe (Picture 1)


Patek Philippe was founded in 1839, as the last independent watchmaker in Geneva, Patek Philippe in the design, production until the assembly process to enjoy the full freedom of innovation, to create a global masterpiece, with extraordinary professional skills, uphold the tradition of quality innovation, Patek Philippe has more than 80 technical patents. Patek Philippe is the watch in the blue blood aristocracy, is one of the world's top ten watches.

For more than a century, Patek Philippe has always believed in fine philosophy, to comply with heavy non-weight, workmanship slow production principle. Only one purpose, that is, the pursuit of perfection. It pursues limited production, the annual output of only 50,000. For more than half a century, Patek Philippe produced a very limited number of watches (only 600,000), it lost to a fashion watch the annual output, and only in the world's top shops on sale. Watch lovers and aristocratic logo is to have a piece of Patek Philippe watches.

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