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Disney star Donald Duck

Disney star Donald Duck (Picture 1)


Donald Duck is one of Disney's most famous figures, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse keep pace. He is a warm heart, always full of good intentions, but always very impatient, often angry, very poor luck. He is grumpy, often argues with others, likes to exaggerate the facts, often complaining about the little things in life and unhappy places. And it is because of the temper of this character, doomed all aspects of his life is always not smooth. He is a loser, but not a coward, because he is always struggling to fight. Donald and Mitch are good friends, his girlfriend is Daisy Duck. Donald has three little nephews, "Huey" Huebert Duck, "Dewey" Deuteronomy D Duck and "Louie" "Luey" Louis Duck. His license plate number is 313.

1931: Walt Disney was inspired by Clarence Nash, who had the idea of creating Donald Duck. Donald Ducks first appeared in 1934 Ted Osborne's cartoon "smart little hen", when he was just a small supporting role. From 1935 to 1942, Karl Bax has created 35 cartoons, including many famous works: "Donald Duck's nephew" (1938), "Donald Duck's cousin" (1939), "Wood" (1941) and so on. From 1937 onwards, Donald Duck has its own series of animated films, became the protagonist. His girlfriend Daisy and three nephews are also debut. In 1942, he starred in the cartoon "heads of the face" won the Oscar for best animated short film award. In this animation, he dreamed that he had become an oppressive production line worker in Nazi Germany.

In 1942 the film "Donald Ducks draft", the first time "Donald Fauntleroy Duck" was written on its sailor cap. With the help of colleagues, "duck family father" Karl Bax (1901 - 2000) perfect the original image of Donald Duck, not only Donald Duck's mouth becomes short and round, and given the Donald Duck silly And no lack of human personality. According to Karl Bax, because of the previous Donald Duck pictograph is too rigid, he racked his brains but could not create enough stories, so he had to change the character of Donald Duck. In an interview with the Baltimore Sun newspaper in 1996, he talked about his creation of Donald Duck's inspiration: I think Donald Duck is an unfortunate person like me, and we are all victims of various environmental effects ; Everyone can be in the Donald Ducks who find their own shadow, cartoon film Donald Duck committed the mistake is that we made the mistake.

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