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Cute Hello Kitty

Cute Hello Kitty (Picture 1)


Hello Kitty was originally designed in 1974 by Sanrio's designer Shimizu Saki. About a year later, Shimizu left the company. The Hello Kitty trademark was registered in 1976. The second designer, Mi Fujie, has been designing until the task was handed over to Yamaguchi Yuko in 1980. Hello Kitty was given British descent because British culture was very popular with Japanese girls. Kitty's name comes from a cat raised by Alice in the book Alice's Mirror in Lewis Carroll. This cute cat and girl pattern, which was originally on the cheap plastic wallet, has now become a cute idol that has earned a lot of money around the world. And, don't forget, unlike the robot cat "Doraemon" and Garfield, Hello Kitty is just a commodity, without any film or comic support.

The founder of Hello Kitty, Shintaro, has sold silk and made rubber sandals. He likes to add some small designs to the product to increase sales. He found that if you add flowers to your shoes, you can sell them at a higher price. Then, he began to dump other cheap items, adding something to the product every time. At the time, Sanrio was planning to launch a small wallet with a pattern that wanted to design a brand new character. At the beginning of the design, the first generation designer of Titi’s cat, Shimizu Saki, thought of the animals that children liked, just like bears, puppies and kittens. Since the first two had already been introduced, she decided to adopt the most. I like the cat, so this cute girl with a red bow appears on the wallet. At that time, Shintaro did not like her very much, but it is incredible that this girl has become uncontrollable.

When the Hello Kitty was launched, Sanrio had hardly done any market testing and advertising, and as long as it didn't smear the cute and simple image of Kitty Cat, Sanrio almost promised to give any product. Use authorization. After Hello Kitty became famous, Sanrio rarely deliberately spent advertising, but adopted the concept of all-round marketing. Hello Kitty was printed on every product you can imagine. To stickers, pens, notebooks, clothes, toys, watches, cups, plates, chopsticks, mobile phones, toasters, trash cans, computers, treadmills, cars, and even adventure-themed parks where people can be placed!

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