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"Slam Dunk"

Slam Dunk (Picture 1)


"Slam Dunk" is a cartoon of Japanese cartoonist Inoue Takehiko's high school basketball. It was serialized in "Weekly Youth JUMP" from 1990 to 1996, and the book was issued in 17 countries and regions. Together with "soccer teenager" and "baseball hero", it is called the top three of Japanese sports comics. In 1995, "Slam Dunk Master" won the 40th Primary School Library Comic Award in Japan; in 2006, the 10th Anniversary of the Japanese Culture Department Media Art Festival planned "Japan's Media Art 100", "Slam Dunk" won the first comic department Bit.

In the junior high school, the red-haired young boy Sakuragi, who was smashed by 50 female students, entered the Xiangbei High School and fell in love with the girl of the same grade, Akagi Haruki. Under the expectation of Haruko, the flower path that knows nothing about basketball rules is added to the basketball team. Under the strict training of Haruko’s brother, the basketball team captain Akagi Kenji, and the confrontational consciousness of the “super newcomer” Rukawa, the hidden talent in the body of the flower was finally revealed. At the same time, he was also basketball. The charm of sports is conquered.

After practicing with the strong opponent Lingnan High School, Miyagi Ryota, who is short and flexible, and who has won the prefecture MVP title in junior high school, also returned to the team. The Xiangbei High School basketball team, whose strength has been greatly improved, began preparations for the national high school league Kanagawa qualifier. In this way, the Xiangbei High School basketball team headed by Sakuragi Flower Road ushered in the hottest summer in their lives.

"Slam Dunk" has been serialized since the "Weekly Junior JUMP" in the 42nd issue of 1990. At that time, basketball was not as popular in Japan as it is now, but with the deepening of the story of "Slam Dunk", basketball became the most popular at that time. One of the sports. However, with the animation in 1993, the popularity of “slam dunk” reached its highest point. In 1995, due to the outstanding performance of "Slam Dunk" by Inoue Takehiko and "Dragon Ball" of Toriyama Akira, "Weekly Young JUMP" ushered in a single issue of 6.53 million in the 34th issue. Sales. At the same time, "slam dunk" also created a number of records in the history of Japanese comics, the highest initial circulation, the highest volume of circulation, and so on. These records were not broken by "One Piece" until later.

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