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“The Crown of Sin”

“The Crown of Sin” (Picture 1)


"The Crown of Sin" is an original animation work produced by Production I.G with super-powered combat. The animation production plan was announced in the July 2011 issue of the "Newtype" monthly magazine. The animation will be broadcast on October 13, 2011, with 22 episodes.

In 2029, Japan was in chaos due to the sudden spread of "Apocalypse Virus". Japan, which is in anarchy, was intervened and accepted by the armed forces of the organization called "GHQ" organized by the supranationals. Roppongi in Tokyo became a blocked area. Then, with the event named “Lost Christmas”, Japan lost its substantive power of the independent state and was given the apparent autonomy, so people began to enjoy a short peace.

Time passed, 2039 years after 10 years. Juvenile Sakura is full of depression and embraces the world, and treats the world with cold eyes. Sakura Manji is a two-year high school student who attended the first university in Tianwang Prefecture. While maintaining a certain distance from the students, he spent leisurely and calm days.

However, Sakura’s daily life is suddenly ending on a certain day. After school that day, I met a girl in my favorite old place. The girl is named Yu Qi. She is a singer with a great influence on the Internet. And she also has an unknown side. Prayer is the "burial society" led by the 17-year-old youth, and a song in the blocked city sings from the "GHQ" to get the "liberation of Japan" and gamble on life, constantly fighting alone. One of the members of the resistance organization.

Sakura Manji was associated with the funeral society under the guidance of Qiuqi and Yuyao. Later, because of the relationship, he was used by the female host to use the void genome. On his right hand, he appeared "the seal of the king." Through engraving, Sakura Manji can freely extract a substance called “void” from the human body and use it as a weapon to gain the power of battle. However, this is only the opening of the story of the "king of sin" that he carried.

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