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"Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf"

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf (Picture 1)


"Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" is an original animated series produced by China Guangdong Original Power Culture Communication Co., Ltd. The animation mainly tells about the sheep population in the Qing dynasty in the 3131 year of the sheep calendar. There are already small towns in the sheep family, there are schools, supermarkets, beauty salons, and all sheep of the sheep ethnic group live happily and happily.

In the 3131 year of the sheep calendar, the sheep community was very prosperous on the green grassland, and the sheep lived happily here. Until the Gray Wolf moved to the forest on the other side with his wife Red Wolf, the sheep really saw the wolf recorded in the book in reality. Gray Wolf tried every means to catch sheep across the iron fence, but what he didn't expect was that his opponent was the smartest Pleasant goat in the whole sheep family, and there was a superb and good village chief slow sheep behind the Pleasant Goat. Dazhi Ruoyu, a lazy sheep who loves to sleep, a great, brave and fearless boiled sheep; a beautiful sheep with a good heart and temperament; and a warm and lovely warm sheep that is responsible for doing things. The brave little lambs, with wisdom and courage, once again saw the intrigues of the Gray Wolf. However, the Gray Wolf worked diligently for the family, and fought the sheep in a perseverance, failing again and again, but stood up again and again. In this way, the story of the wolf and the sheep who are full of fun is constantly being staged in the Qingqing grassland.

The black hole spacecraft from outer space is out of control in the universe, colliding everywhere, and the result is swept away from the edge of the earth at high speed, allowing the earth to spin rapidly, resulting in rapid change between day and night. The sheep and the gray wolf are passing without knowing it quickly. every day. The sheep grew up quickly, and the Gray Wolf and the Red Wolf grew old quickly. When they sneaked into the sheep village to prepare for the sheep, they found that they had become an old man, and the sheep easily defeated him. The lazy sheep accidentally discovered that a few dreams came true, and they regarded it as a kind of revelation. Everything was done according to the dream. But in reality, it is not as good as his dreams. He thought it was dangerous but safe and sound. But when he thinks he is safe, he falls into the wolf claws. Although they were rescued by Pleasant Goat, he still thought he was in a dream.

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