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"Is this a zombie?"

Is this a zombie? (Picture 1)


"Is this a zombie?" is a book by the light novelist Kimura, and the illustrator Xiaowuyi and Mengliyi are responsible for the illustration, and Fuji sees the light novel belonging to the Fantasia library. The ordinary high school student Xiang Chuanbu was killed in a serial murder case that was involved in the shocking society under the inexplicable cause, but he died and resurrected. The necromancer "excellent" who had accidentally stumbled before the incident happened to turn him into a zombie and resurrected. Together with the girl warrior Chunnai from the magical world, and another blood-sucking ninja girl, Sera, even evolved into a situation where they lived with them all.

Aikawa is a zombie and a costumed girl. When he was a human being, he was involved in a serial murder in a shocking society under the inexplicable cause, but he was turned into a zombie by the Necromancer. After being absorbed by the magic of the magic girl Chunnai, she was forced to become a costume girl. Very afraid of the sun, it will soon become a dry corpse by the sun.

Seraphim belongs to a family of blood-sucking ninjas who can gain youth and strength by inhaling blood. Conservative blood-sucking ninjas, in order to solve the inheritance problem of more than one hundred years after the death of the leader, attempted to resurrect the leader by virtue of superior strength. Because of his unwillingness, Sera decided to become a good servant, stay in the step home, wait for the best to change his mind, and protect her from the damage of the reformists and other assassins who wanted to assassinate her. The things that like, feat and interest are the secret swords. The dish is murderous. As long as you take a bite, even a zombie can't retire.

Chunnai is a student of the "Wiliya" Matrez School of Magic in the different world. She is able to simply reach everything, feel bored with everything and not go to school, and I can’t keep up with it at school. Others, become students at the end of the crane. Because the number of days of vacation is too much, the class teacher suggested that she participate in the Megaluo hunting, which can also get credits without attending, and thus came to the world where the family lived. Use the chainsaw-type magic weapon "Mistin" to fight with Megalo. After encountering Aikawa Step, he took away all the magic power, could not return to the original world, and could not transform into a magical costume girl, so he gave up instead of transforming himself into a magical costume girl to deal with Megalo, and stayed at the step home, waiting The magic slowly recovered.

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