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Building block mobilization

Building block mobilization (Picture 1)


In the evening, when the little master sleeps, his Lego bricks become active. These toys are completely different from the little master. They keep their bodies motionless during the day, regardless of how the master disassembles and installs them. This is because they sleep during the day and play at night.

Look, the little pirate climbed the "Predator" building block pirate ship and shouted to the pirates on the deck: "Dear folks, when it's time for our activities, let's go and rob those building blocks!" The pirates echoed, "Okay Go away, or you wo n’t be able to grab the treasure! ”Then, they hurriedly started the boat. After sailing for a while, they saw a small boat on the sea. The little pirate said,“ Brothers, I found a small boat. Go grab it. "They hit the fly hook gun on the boat. Some small pirates quickly pulled the rope of the fly hook gun and slid it to the opposite ship. At this time, they found a doctor. The doctor said," Let me go, I can give You cure the disease! "The pirates said:" Yes, the boss just got malaria. You can cure him and spare you! "The doctor said:" Thank goodness, I just cured a person's malaria, you are looking for the right person Now. "

The pirates put the doctor on the "Predator". The pirate was dying of illness and said, "If you can cure me, I will give you a hundred gold coins and let you go." The doctor said, "I will do my best." Try it. "After a few days of treatment, the pirate boss's condition gradually improved, and he was finally able to walk on the deck to bask in the sun. He said happily:" Well, you saved my life, we will be friends in the future, I will Keep your promise, take these gold coins. If you encounter any difficulties in the future, you will come to the sea to find the "Predator". As long as I can do it, I will help you. "The doctor said:" Great, I hope you do n’t hurt innocents anymore. "After saying this, the doctor hurried away. The pirates continued to dominate the sea.

At seven o'clock in the morning, the little master woke up and he was going to school, but at this time, the building blocks returned to what they were yesterday, as if nothing had happened.

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