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Cute Smurfs

Cute Smurfs (Picture 1)

Belgium has a "comic book kingdom," said. In Tintin, Lu Qi and many other world-famous animated image, "Smurfs" conquered the world, its shape by the children and businesses of all countries of all ages. Among the large number of Belgian comicians in Elger, Morris, Fulang Gan, Peyo is considered to have both artistic talent and business talent, "between Elger and Disney." When he was alive, the French city of Metz was built "Blue Wizard Paradise".

Peyo's real name is Pierre Culliford, June 25, 1928 was born in Brussels, 7-year-old father died, 15-year-old retired to feed their families. He worked as a film projector, and then worked in the gallery for five years, painted the glass shade, designed the packaging art word. He contacted a lot of comic painters, by the heat of the master and so on, dream of their own creation comic book. Between 1949 and 1952, the Evening News published his comic book, and since then he created a serial painting for another newspaper, using the pseudonym "Peyo". In 1958, he created the "Smurfs" come out, swept the world. At present, the world sales of Smurfs toys up to 300 million, nearly 2,000 kinds of products using the Smurfs logo promotions.

In 1959 the Belgian national television station began to play "Smurfs". Overwhelmed by the draft, so that Peyo in 1960 to establish their own studio, where gathered a large number of young comic painters. Although most of the characters in the "Smurfs" are collective, Peyo also created three other animations, and he had to work all night long.

Since 1966, the Smurfs modeling toys with many commodities together, commercial advertising followed, he had to give up some of the creation, asked to operate copyright. Peyo was successfully motivated, business income is abundant, but physical and mental damage, often rely on drug sleep and maintain energy. Nina said that Peyo is not driven by money, he is more concerned about the respect of others. He wants to manage his own copyright and not be deceived.

The prototype of the Smurfs is taken from Peyo's creation of a childish animated image, whose color is selected by his wife Nina. She said, "the big forest is green, the elf are always hidden in the leaves, so can not be green. And the red is too bright; yellow does not look good, so with blue." Do not use the original pink, because Peyo Want the elf color is different from human. At that time all the Smurfs are male, then Peyo's wife protested, so Peyo ordered the wizard Gome to do a female. So there is a pleasing blonde blue wizard lady. Peyo teach in the painting, follow suit, with hard-working, wisdom of the Smurfs of the friendly and mutual help, to overcome the magician's story, showing the noble human feelings and good quality, but also shows Peyo's obliterate innocence.

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