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Online Game "League of Legends"

Online Game League of Legends (Picture 1)


The "League of Legends" (LOL for short) is a hero game developed by Riot Games. There are hundreds of individual heroes in the game, and it has a special system of ranking system, rune system and other characteristics. "League of Legends" is also committed to promoting the development of global e-sports. In addition to the development of professional leagues in each division to create e-sports system, the "Quarterly Championship", "Global Finals" and "All Star All-Star Game" will be held every year. The three world-class events have won the love of millions of players and formed their own unique e-sports culture.

Until twenty years ago, Rune's land was free from war. The people on this continent have used to fight and fight disputes since ancient times. At any time, the tools of war are always magic. However, the endless magic abuses in the past 200 years have allowed the people of Varolan to see the fragile state of Rune. People have finally realized that the world has failed to withstand the destruction of the rune battle. In response to the world’s deteriorating political and economic crisis, the Valorian’s Grand Masters, including many powerful summoners, reached consensus and established an organization called the “League of Legends” to monitor the political disputes in Valoland and make them To be handled in an orderly manner.

The "League of Legends" was originally created by DOTA-Allstars original map writer Steve Guinsoo (the main developer of DOTA, named after his sheep knife in DOTA), and the founder of DOTA-Allstars community, PenDragen, joined the charge, and he also owned Blizzard World of Warcraft. Tom Cadwell, the game planner, mastermind of Warcraft 3, and Warcraft 3 Value Balancer, served as the chief strategy. The League of Legends'first album "League of Legends-01" was created by the fist official. This album contains 15 songs, there are new works, there are classics.

The quarter-season championship, the global finals, and the All-Star game, these three events are also called the "League of Legends" global three major tournaments. Global Finals: The highest honor in the LOL competition, the highest gold content, the highest level of competition, and the highest-profile competition. Seasonal Championship: The championship team in the spring season of each division can be invited to participate. All-Star Game: The players are all star players who are voted by the audience in each competition area. In addition to the star team's regular game competition, there are also entertainment modes such as Clone Mode, Unlimited Firepower, Double Play, SOLO, and so on. An annual feast for LOL lovers. Intercontinental Series: Teams from 13 divisions will be divided into 5 different contests, face the enemy in the Summoner Canyon, compete against their respective main opponents, and break new hatred.

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