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"Need for Speed"

Need for Speed (Picture 1)


"Need for Speed" is a famous racing game produced by American Electronic Games. The game tries to find a balance between the refreshing racing game and the simulation of the vehicle. This game has an irreplaceable position in the minds of world fans. “Need for Speed” has been released from 1994 to 2016 for 22 years, and a total of 27 versions have been released. The vigilant racing mode pioneered by the game is enduring.

"Need for Speed" was originally developed by American auto magazine Road & Track and EA. The game included the top sports cars of Europe and America at that time. However, because of the wide speed difference between A-class cars and B-and C-class cars, the game balance is also considered. Not good. But it is precisely because of this real-modeled racing car that "Need for Speed" became the most popular racing game at the time.

When I was playing "Need for Speed", I always thought that if I could compete with my friends, it would have been excellent. But in addition to the three generations of double-player racing on the same screen, there isn't a series that can make players really immersed in the fun of competition. "Need for Speed Online" as an online game, it is a good way to make up for the shortcomings of the players in the previous game, and to launch a variety of modes such as qualifying, drift and props for players to play.

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