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"Angry bird"

Angry bird (Picture 1)


Angry Birds is a casual puzzle game developed by Rovio that debuted in iOS in December 2009. The game tells the story of a bird and a fat pig in the background of a bird revenge for the fat pig that stole the bird's egg. In order to avenge the fat pigs who stole the eggs, the birds used their bodies as weapons to attack the fat bastions of the pigs as if they were shells. Angry red bird, rushing to the green fat pig's fortress.

The game of "Anger Birds" is very simple. Pop the bird on the slingshot, pick up the green fat pig, and pick up all the fat pigs. The angle and strength of the bird's pop-up is controlled by the player's finger. Pay attention to the comprehensive calculation of the strength and angle, so that you can get the fat pig more accurately. The popped bird will leave a projectile trajectory for adjustment of the reference angle and velocity. In addition, the more scores for each level, the higher the rating will be.

The Angry Birds game is simple and doesn't require learning. Each level takes less than a minute. For this reason, it is popular among people who want to rest and wait for meetings, rides and meetings, to fill the debris time, at a glance, without learning, the picture is interesting and can relieve the pressure of work in the explosion of the pig head, making it conquer The size of the lay-up game user, the size of the user comes from here.

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