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"Mortal Kombat" fighting game

Mortal Kombat fighting game (Picture 1)


"Mortal Kombat" is a single-player game developed by Midway in 1992. Originally, the game was called Mortal Combat. But at the last minute before the game was launched, the manufacturer changed the character of the game "Violence and character can kill after victory". Therefore, the English letter C in Combat is changed to K (K is Kill, killing) ). In the storyline of the MK series, the world is made up of many planets. There are many elders in heaven in heaven, who rule the world with endless wisdom and strength, watching the world live and multiply. And some Dark Masters can freely shuttle through the world's planets without being discovered by the gods.

There are also many young gods living on a planet called Earth. They live silently among the people of the earth and do not disturb this beautiful and calm planet. Some of them are also assigned to perform specific missions by the elders of the gods. Another death planet called NETHEREALM was used to hold some evil souls, which the Earth called "burning hell." There have been many rulers on the planet of death, most of whom were born in the abyss of flames and eventually cruelly overthrew their predecessors.

After the formation of the Earth, SHINNOK, one of the elders of the gods, was tempted by greed and rights. He decided to categorize the earth as his own and use his incomparable power to rule the earth. In order to make his evil plan not interfere with other elders, SHINNOK has created a unique and powerful amulet. When SHINNOK came to Earth, he met a young god, the guardian of the earth, Raytheon. Since then, a desperate struggle between the two has been carried out, and the earth has thus fallen into the darkness of hundreds of years. With the help of other elders of the gods, RAIDEN finally won the war and exiled SHINNOK to the planet of death.

On the death planet ruled by LUCIFER, SHINNOK has suffered for thousands of years of suffering. After the Earth regained its light, people were summoned to build a temple on the Himalayas to store the amulet made by SHINNOK. In order to prevent this amulet from harming humans again, RAIDEN personally assigned four guardians (each representing a natural force) - Tushen, Water God, Vulcan and Fengshen to guard this temple. Without this amulet, SHINNOK can't return to the earth to make waves. Centuries have passed, and people have told this story from generation to generation. In the end, no one knows this legend anymore. But there is also a secret map on the earth that can uncover this secret and through which you can find the way to the temple of Simalaya.

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