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Shooting game "Counter Strike"

Shooting game Counter Strike (Picture 1)


"Counter Strike" is the developer of the valve in the summer of 1999 developed a series of shooting games, the founder is Minh Le and Jess Cliffe. "Counter-Strike" was originally a game "Half-Life" game module, later it became an independent game.

Jess Cliffe is more well known among the two founders of Counter-Strike, which should be attributed to his more active role in Steam and Valve. Cliffe in the production of this game mainly for the following responsibilities: managers, maps, press spokesman, test, sound effects, game design. However, since the release of STEAM and the "Counter Strike: Zero Action", the role of his press spokesman in the Valve team has become increasingly active.

Minh Lee, nickname Gooseman. Is the "half-life: Counter-Strike" founder of the second person, also known as the father of CS. At the LIFE-VIND conference on June 19, 1999, he announced the release of Beta 1.0 in Detroit, which was a sensation at the time. Gooseman is famous for being the director of the model in the "Counter Strike" and has created all the weapons models and settings. Minh Lee is also a project leader, programmer, and later he became a professional player for the Valve team.

"Counter Strike" will be divided into Counter Terrorists camp and Terrorists camp two teams, each team must be in a map on a multi-round battle. The way to win a round is to achieve the target of the map, or to completely destroy the enemy players. There are six modes of the game, Bombplant & Defuse, Hostage Rescue, Assassination, Escape, later added Arsenal model. "Counter-Strike: Zero Action" has a plot task. Money system is the game characteristics of the system, so "Counter Strike" in addition to the game players need to play the game technology, but also have a certain degree of economic planning capabilities.

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