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Indian Taj Mahal

Indian Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, one of the most famous monuments in India, is the most perfect gem of Indian Muslim art. It is one of the classic masterpieces of World Heritage. It is known as "Perfect Architecture" and "Pearl of India". The Taj Mahal, called "Taj Mahal," is a huge mausoleum mosque built in white marble and was built by Moghaal emperor Shah Jahan in honor of his beloved concubine in Agra from 1631 to 1653. Located in the city of Agra in Uttar Pradesh, India, more than 200 kilometers from New Delhi, on the right side of the Yamuna River. By the temple, the clock tower, steeple, pool, etc., all with pure white marble building, with glass, agate mosaic, with high artistic value.

The Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan in memory of his second wife, Motta Mahal. At the age of 39, Mahar died of their 14th child after their birth in 1631. Shah Jahan was extremely sad and was said to have white hair overnight. The same year the mausoleum started construction, when many artisans were from Europe. It was not until 1653 that the tomb was built. Of course it costs a lot. Legend has it that Shah Jahan wanted to build a black marble mausoleum on the other side of the river just like the Taj Mahal, but this wish was not realized because he was imprisoned by his son later in life.

The Taj Mahal is born because of love, the life of this love is also renewed because of the luster of the Taj Mahal, the time passes, life goes by. Although some people say that Shah Jahan is only a tyrannical tyrant, it is not a sentimental seed at all. Although some people say that under the magnificent footsteps of the Taj Mahal, I do not know how many people piled up their blood and even their lives. But we seem to be more willing to believe that men in this world who really love each other deeply have time and space through love and life and death. Taj Mahal is still beyond the simple meaning of architecture, silently beautiful, not for anything else, only for the world of love that love the beautiful yearning.

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