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Rafflesia flower

Rafflesia flower (Picture 1)

Rafflesia flowers from Malaysia, Indonesia, Java, Sumatra and other tropical rain forests. Is the largest plant of flowers in the world. Rafflesia flowers locally called Bungapatma, meaning "lotus-like flowers", known for its huge flower smell and stench, it is "the world's kings" in the world, is a saprophytic plant.

The first botanist to find specimens of Rafflesia flowers was French explorer Auguste Deschamps (1765 - 1842). He is a member of the French scientific mission. During the expedition in the Asia Pacific region, he spent three years in Java. In 1797 he collected a specimen now known as the Rafflesia flower. His ship was taken to England by the return of the flight in 1798, during which time all of his papers and notes were forfeited during the Anglo-French War. In their lifetime, the team members did not see the dawn of the species confirmed by the plant kingdom, until 1954 these materials were rediscovered in the British Museum of Natural History.

Rafflesia flower is a meaty parasitic herb and not really "piranha". They have very short spindles, no leaves and underground stems, and nourishing organs degenerate into mycelial forms that invade the host's tissues, so the entire flower is all of it. Almost all the nutrients absorbed from the host supply the growth of flowers, with a flower diameter of 0.9144 meters and a maximum record of 1.4 meters. The base of the Rafflesia flower is developed by the host xylem in a shape that resembles a wide-brimmed jar.

Rafflesia flower growth because there is no four seasons, at any time of the year it will sprout, every year from May to October, is its main growing season. When it just emerged from the ground, it was only about as big as a ping-pong ball. After months of slow growth, the bud changed from a ping-pong-sized volume to a kale-like size, followed by 5 petals of fleshy petals It has been two days and two nights before the flowers bloom completely. Unbelievably, Rafflesia flowers are not easy out of huge flowers, actually only last 4-5 days, and in these 4-5 days, the flowers will continue to release a strange odor, butterflies, Bees are reluctant to ignore it, as long as some like the smell of insects to poll it for the media. When the petals wither, it will turn into a pile of corrupt black material, and soon, the fruit is also ripe.

Rafflesia flowers only one flower for a lifetime, flowering only 4 days. The early bloom has a scent, after which it emits an irritating rancid odor, and therefore has the corpse flower alias. The stink of pollens attracts rotten animals such as flies for its pollination. Squirrels are also interested in pollen, often licking one anther to another anther. On the fourth day of the flowering period, the petals of Rafflesia's flowers gradually become black and white, turning them into a pool of sticky dark matter within a few weeks. Female flowers that have been successfully pollinated will gradually form a semi-decayed fruit within the next July. Stunning flowers bear the rotten fruit, this is really a botanical wonders. The fruit is spherical and about 15 cm in diameter with a lignified, brown epidermis filled with milky, fat-rich pulp under the skin and thousands of reddish-brown miniature seeds.

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