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Baobab tree

Baobab tree (Picture 1)

The Baobab tree is a large deciduous tree with short stem and many branches. Baobab tree is huge, tree branches strange, resembles the roots, tree-like spectacular. Its fruit is huge as football, sweet and juicy, it is monkeys, orangutans, elephants and other animals favorite food. When the fruit is ripe, the monkeys come in droves, climb the tree to pick fruit to eat.

Baobab tree is distributed in Africa, the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and Indian Ocean islands, and the northern part of Australia, Baobab tree wood porous, facing the trunk shot, bullets can penetrate the trunk.

Baobab tree is one of the oldest longevity of the plant kingdom, and its life is about 5,000 years even in the damp harsh environment of the savannah.

The leaves of the Baobab tree can be eaten and the taste is good; the fruit is dissolved in milk or water and can be used as a drink. Its seeds can be used to squeeze edible oil, seeds can also be mixed with cereals.

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