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Beautiful orchid

Beautiful orchid (Picture 1)


Orchid is a flower of unique style, and its ornamental value is very high. Orchids are light in color, with green, yellow and green, but they are especially valuable. The aroma of orchids is clear and not turbid, and a basin is in the room, full of fragrance. The flower postures of orchids are dignified and graceful, and some are graceful and varied. The leaves of orchids are bright green all the year round. They are both soft and soft, and they have a beautiful posture. Even if it is not a flowering period, it is like a living art. Set a few pots of orchids, decorate the interior, feel the business is full, the day of flowering, the fragrance bursts, will make you feel vibrant and relaxed.

The orchids in traditional Chinese famous flowers refer only to several kinds of native orchids distributed in Chinese orchids, such as Chunlan, Whelan, Jianlan, Molan and Hanlan, which are commonly referred to as “China Lan”. This kind of orchid is very different from the large tropical orchids. It has no striking glamour, no huge flowers and leaves, but it has a simple and quiet style, which is in line with the aesthetic standards of the Orientals. There is more than a thousand years of cultivation history in China. Chinese people have always regarded orchids as a symbol of high purity and elegance, and juxtaposed with "mei, bamboo, and chrysanthemum", collectively known as "four gentlemen." Usually, the "Lanzhang" is used to describe the beauty of poetry and the "Lanjiao" is the true meaning of friendship.

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